Development Book V17:Other .SH options

Branch Settings


Configuration for New Commits: This feature allows the customization of build behavior with three options – Do nothing, New build, and Update the previous build. By default, the staging branch updates the previous build, while the development branch generates a new one. Upon dragging the staging instance to development, the behavior changes to Do Nothing.

Odoo Version: This field designates the Odoo version, and while Odoo versions can be altered for each build, it remains immutable for production. Any modifications to the source code are automatically reflected in the version update.

Test Suites: In the development stage, test suites are inherently enabled.

Custom Domains: Users have the flexibility to set up custom domains for their instances, with the option to utilize * for configuring domain names. To establish your domain, such as, follow the steps outlined below:


Shell Commands: Execute a variety of actions, including merge, fork, and clone, using Git commands.

The Execute button, located on the right side, facilitates the automatic execution of commands with a single click, requiring no manual adjustments.

However, specific arguments must be incorporated into the git command, particularly for activities like cloning.

Git commands are easily transferable and editable from a terminal using the copy icon positioned on the left-hand side of the command.

While accessing the build via SSH is possible, it necessitates the prior creation of a public key in your profile. Once configured, the following command can be utilized for access:

ssh < build_id>@< domain>

After adding the public key, you can easily obtain the executable command from the right corner.


Submodules: When dealing with modules that depend on a repository separate from our own, submodules come into play. Submodules allow the inclusion of dependent modules into our repository


For private repositories, Git commands can be employed to carry out the process.

Project Settings

Collaborators: Include individuals who will be participating in your project as collaborators. This page serves as the authorization point for granting access to collaborators, with two primary privileges: Admin and User.

Admin:Has full access to all features of Odoo.

User: Access is restricted, with limitations on accessing databases for settings, production, or staging.

Allow Public Access: Granting access enables visitors to access development builds, allowing them to link to your structures.

Module Installation: Settings are integrated into the development build, where installed modules undergo testing.

Full Installation (all modules): Provides access to submodules with all modules installed.

Install a list of modules: Selectively install chosen modules separated by commas.

Production Database Size: Offers a concise overview of the production database's size along with payment details. The subscription syncs with the expanding database size, displaying the production database's storage capacity.

Database Workers: Specifies the number of workers in the database, considering incoming requests and usage. Adequate personnel should be allocated to handle incoming requests effectively.

Staging Branches: Defines the number of branches available for use in staging, with the subscription syncing with the staging branch count.

Activation: The subscription key is presented under Activation, allowing for modifications if needed.



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