Development Book V17: Groups

The process of creating security groups involves defining sets of users with shared access permissions. All security-related files are typically organized within the security directory, and the path to these files is specified in the file:

 'data': [

To create a security group, an XML file is generated for the group definition. This involves creating a record in the res.groups model. Here's an example:

< record id="school_management_student" model="res.groups">
    < field name="name">Student
    < field name="category_id" ref="school_management.school_management_accesss"/>
< field name="implied_ids" eval="[(4, ref('group_event_user')), (4, ref('mail.group_mail_template_editor'))]"/>
< /record>

In this XML record:

  • id: A unique identifier for the record, distinct for each group in the res.groups table.
  • name: The user-friendly name of the group displayed in the user interface.
  • category_id: Refers to the category to which this group belongs, requiring the creation of a corresponding record in the ir.module.category model.
  • implied_ids: A group that inherits other groups, will get all the other groups' rights on top of their own. The model behind is res. groups.

Creating the module category record:

< record model="ir.module.category" id="school_management_accesss">
    < field name="name">School Management
< /record>

Here, the category record includes the name "School Management."

These groups can also be utilized in ir.model.access.csv files as needed. An example of referencing the group in such a file:


In this ir.model.access.csv file, the group_id/id references the previously created security group.

To access groups from the user interface in Odoo 17, activate the debug mode and navigate to "General Settings -> Users & Companies -> Groups." This section displays all the groups created in the database.


To form new user groups, initiate the process by clicking on the 'New' button, which will prompt the display of a form view, as illustrated below.



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