Development Book V17: Add time spent

Add time spent in each stage to the status bar

In Odoo 17, a mixin called MailTrackingDurationMixin has been introduced. This mixin can be included in a model that has a many2one field. Its functionality involves calculating the time a record remains in each possible value of the many2one field and storing this information in a JSON field named duration_tracking.

class MailTrackingDurationMixin(models.AbstractModel):
   _name = "mail.tracking.duration.mixin"
   _description = "Mixin to compute the time a record has spent in each value a many2one field can take"
   duration_tracking = fields.Json(
       string="Status time", compute="_compute_duration_tracking",
       help="JSON that maps ids from a many2one field to seconds spent")

The primary application of this mixin is with a newly introduced field called StatusBarDurationField (with the widget attribute set to 'statusbar_duration').

            <field name="stage_id" widget="statusbar_duration" />

This field is designed to calculate and showcase the duration a record has spent in each stage.It is specifically designed for use in the form view's status bar. The StatusBarDurationField inherits from the StatusBarField.


To define the field on which the computation should be conducted, the model inheriting from this mixin must specify _track_duration_field. For instance, _track_duration_field = 'stage_id'.

The computation relies on mail.tracking.value messages; therefore, tracking must be enabled for the relevant field.

In the widget, time is displayed using a Luxon Duration object, and the "narrow" setting ensures that time is represented with a single character. Luxon is responsible for handling translations.



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