Odoo 17 Development Book

Outgoing email configuration

Setting up outgoing mail in Odoo is straightforward, providing an effective and efficient communication solution for a company's success in its industry. Outgoing mail servers play a crucial role in managing the transmission of outbound emails, becoming essential for email marketing and other basic communication needs.

To configure outgoing email settings, navigate to Settings > Technical > Custom Email Servers > Outgoing Mail Servers. Next, click the 'Create' button, and a window will appear as follows:


Let's examine the fields for outgoing email configuration:

  • Name: Allows you to designate a name for the outgoing mail server.
  • From Filtering: Specify the email address or domain for which this server can be utilized.
  • Priority: When no specific mail server is requested, the one with the highest priority (default is 10) is used.
  • Authenticate with: Choose authentication options, such as using a username with an optional email for SMTP authentication and its password. Alternatively, select SSL certificates, including the SSL certificate and SSL private key.
  • SMTP Server: Indicates the SMTP server address.
  • SMTP Port: Specifies the port of the SMTP server.

After entering all the required data, you can utilize the 'Test Connection' button to verify the connection. Upon success, you will receive the message 'Connection Test Successful,' indicating that the outgoing mail server is now ready. The configuration is outlined below.


In case of authentication failure, specific exceptions may arise. For instance, if you encounter 2a warning like "Invalid Credentials (failure) [AUTHENTICATION FAILED]" while testing your Gmail account, you may need to activate the option for less secure app access as an alternative solution.

The email setup in Odoo is a crucial feature, enabling users to send emails directly from Odoo to customers. Its configuration is user-friendly and straightforward.



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