Chapter: 3 - Configuration tools in Accounting module

Deferred Expense Models

Another management tool in the Odoo Accounting module is the Deferred Expense Models which describe the expense aspects of the subscription-based products. As defined in the section of Deferred Revenue Models where the Deferred Revenue is connected with the aspects of the payment generated by the customers ahead of the product being delivered, which is mostly associated with the subscription-based products that are being defined. Here the Different Expenses will describe the expenses on the subscription-based products and services which are purchased for the various vendors.

The dedicated Deferred Expense Model menu can be accessed from the Configuration tab of the Accounting module where all the Deferred Expense Models are being defined. The Account Type of Deferred Expense Account will be current assets. Even though the company paid the amount for some services and for the ones which are not obtained and basically the paid amount creates expense. But as the payment is done for service and certain of them are yet to be delivered so in that case that deferred expense will be an asset for the company. And each year the asset will be reduced as the service is received. This will be recorded in the Asset section of the Balance Sheet. Here the Expense Name, Deferred Expense Account, Expense Account, the Number of Recognitions, and Period Length will be defined. You will also have the custom as well as default filtering and group by tools available.

Deferred Expense Models

To create a new Deferred Expense Model, you can select the Create button which will take you to the Deferred Expense Model creation window as depicted in the following screenshot. In the creation window, the model Name can be provided and under the Depreciation Method tab, the Number of Recognitions in years or months can be described. Upon enabling the Prorata Temporis the Depreciation will start from the day the Deferred Expense Model is being defined. The Accounting details of the Deferred Expense Model such as the Deferred Expense Account, the Expense Account as well as the Journal can be described.

Deferred Expense Models

The number of followers of the Deferred Expense Model will be described in the creation window and you can add followers as well as attachments to the documents related to it. In case you want to schedule an activity with the followers of the respective Deferred Expense Model which can be based on a calendar that is being defined. There is a provision to Send messages and define the Log note for the Deferred Expense Model furthermore, all the Log entries concerning the model will be depicted over here. As we are clear on the Deferred Expense Models of the Odoo Accounting module let's now move on to the next section where the Cash Roundings configurations are described.



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