Chapter: 7 - Configurations of Admin Settings of Odoo Platform

Translation Settings

If an organization is functional internationally and is run under different regions and employees are working from different parts of the world. Moreover, in regards to the website, they will also be used and viewed by many people from all parts of the world. Therefore, the business management solution and operations should be translated based on the choice of the view, this is where the Translation settings of the Odoo platform are complex into play. Here based on the localization feature of the Odoo platform you can configure in which language the platform should operate. In Odoo all the languages which have a written format as well as alphabets are being described which can be configured with ease.

The translation feature which is available in Odoo will help its users to view the contents in their language and use the platform in the worldwide operations of your business. Almost all the languages of operation are described in Odoo which will support the functioning of the platform to be run internationally. In addition, you will be able to download the various languages and their operations for the ones which are not being described based on your need. The next section will be describing the Language configuration featuring a tool that is available in the Odoo platform.

Language configuration

The Language configuration menu can be accessed from the Translations tab available in the Odoo Settings module. Here all the Languages of operations that are being defined in the platform will be depicted and described. In the Languages menu, all the details of each of the Languages will be described such as the Name, Local code, ISO code description, URL Code, and Direction on how the Language is written and should be read. If the respective Language is Active and in operations, the tick box will be depicted. Moreover, you can directly activate the respective Language by selecting it and enabling the checkbox options available in the menu. Which is available concerning each of the Languages.

In addition, as in all the other menus of the Odoo platform, there is Filtering as well as Group by tools that are available helping you to sort out the respective Languages from the list defined. Here you have default options as well as custom ones that can be defined in the Filtration and Grouping operations of the Languages. The custom-defined ones can be saved by adding them to the Favorites which can help use it in the future aspects.

Translation Settings

In case you want to modify the details in regards to the Language being described you can select the Activate/ Update option that is available which will direct you to the respective descriptions menu of the Language where you can modify the details in regards to the operations of the respective Language. In case you need to create and describe a new language of operations you can select the Create option and will direct you to the Language creation and modification menu as depicted in the following screenshot.

In the Language creation and modification window you will have to initially provide the Name of the Language then define the Locale code of the Language, ISO Code, URL Code, Direction to read as well as write, Separator Format, Decimal Separator, Thousands Separator, Date Format, Time Format and the First Day of the Week can be assigned. In addition, there is a separate section where the Legends for supported Date and Time Formats will be described which can be modified based on the need. Furthermore, the examples related to the operations will be described under the section which will provide you an insight into the operation of the language.

Translation Settings

There is also a smart button to Activate and Translate which can be chosen by selecting it from the menu which is being described and you will be depicted with the Add Language window as depicted in the following screenshot. Re the name of the Language will be depicted and you can choose it from the drop-down menu available. In addition, there is an overwrite Existing Terms which is available which can be enabled if the option is required in the configured language.

Translation Settings

Finally, select the Add option that is available which can be chosen once the Languages have been configured, or else you can select the available Cancel option. As we have an understanding of the Language configuration aspects of the Odoo platform, let's now move on to the next section where the Sequence Number modification operations of the Odoo platform will be supported in the Accounting operations of the Odoo module.

Sequence Number modification operations

In the functioning of a business or a company the use of Sequence Numbers is vital in the aspects of the management of the invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, sales as well as purchase quotations, and many more. Odoo supports the operations of the Sequence Numbers which will pave the way for the effective management of all the important documents in the operations of the business. These Sequence Numbers play vital importance in the day-to-day functioning of the business as they will help the users of the Odoo platform to understand the operation of a respective document concerning the Sequence Number being defined. In addition, these will serve as the identification tool in respect to each of the documents where various parties of operations, the users of Odoo, Customers, vendors, and many will be participating and collaborating towards the business operations.

Additionally, you have the provision to modify the Sequence Number operations based on your functional need in the operations of your business. These provisions of the Odoo platform will help the users to do the operations of the Sequence Number to be defined based on your operational needs. The Sequence Number modification can only be done when you activate the developer mode of the Odoo platform and you can do this by selecting the Activate developer mode options from the General Settings tab or the Bug symbol available in the dashboard of the Odoo platform.

Upon the activation of the Developer mode of the Odoo platform, you will be depicted with additional options and tools which will support the configuration and management of the various aspects of the Odoo platform. The developer mode will depict you with the Technical settings configuration menu in the General Settings of the Odoo platform. Under the Technical tab, you will be able to see the Sequence Number modifications menu and upon selecting it you will be taken to the Sequences menu of the Odoo platform where the various Sequence of operations in Odoo for the various aspects as well as the documents will be defined. The following screenshot will depict the Sequences of operations which have been defined in the Odoo platform here the Sequences will be defined along with the Sequence Code, Name, Prefix, Sequence Size, Company, Next Number, Step, and the Implementation aspect.

Furthermore, Filtering as well as Group by operations are available by default as well as the custom ones can be used in the sorting operations in regards to the Sequence which have been defined. Additionally, there is also a search bar available which helps you to search the required Sequences which have been defined.

Translation Settings

Furthermore, you can edit the existing details of the Sequences which have been defined by selecting each one and selecting the Edit option available. Moreover, you can create new Sequences by selecting the Create option that is available which will direct you to the Sequences creation window as depicted in the following screenshot. In the Sequence creation window, you have to initially provide the name of the Sequence, then the Implementation aspect as Standard or with Gap. Further Sequence Code along with the Company of operation can be selected if you have multiple companies of operation in Odoo. Additionally, if the respective Sequence is to be active you can select the Active option and enable it.

The Sequence configuration options are available where you can define the Prefix and Suffix of operation for the respective Sequence can be defined. Additionally, the Sequence Size along with the Step of operation can be defined based on the need of the function. The Use subsequences per date range option can be enabled where the respective Subsequence operation details can be configured. You can select the Add a line option that is available concerning the Subsequence configuration.

Translation Settings

The dates of the Subsequence operation can be defined by defining the From, To dates along with the Next Number of the Sequence. Additionally, you will also have the provision to remove the respective descriptions by selecting the available Delete option. The operations of the Prefix, as well as the Suffix operation, will be depicted under the Legend (for prefix, suffix) details which have been defined.

Translation Settings

The Sequence operations concerning the functioning of the various documents and aspects of the business in your company can be effectively described in this menu and the Odoo will support any modifications in regards to the functional aspects of it.

In this chapter, we focused on the aspects of the Configurations of Admin settings of the Odoo platform which will be helpful in the aspect of configuring your Odoo as per the operational needs of your business. This is the final chapter of the Odoo Accounting book and we have covered the aspects of User settings, Company settings, and Translation settings options that are available in the Odoo platform. In the next section of the book, we will be concluding the aspects which we have discussed throughout the different chapters of the Odoo Accounting book. In addition, the Reference materials and details are also allocated in a separate section which will help learn about Odoo and its functional aspects.



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