Chapter: 5 - The Accounting Management Tools in the Odoo Accounting Module

Accounting Management Actions

The Odoo platform supports the aspects of accounting as well as financial management with defined tools which are described in this chapter. Other than the distinctive tools and functions there are considerable Action management aspects in the Odoo Accounting module that will aid for the effectiveness in the management of the Finances of the company. There are distinctive actions that will help you to define the Reconciliation operation as well as Lock the Dates for the Financial operations. Let's now move on to understand the two Accounting Action tools available in Odoo.


Reconciliation is the feature which helps you to align the Account as well as the Financial management aspects of your company with that of a bank account operation as well as concerning the Ledgers and the Chart of Accounts being defined. The Reconciliation option will help you to all the Finance Management operations in respect to sales, purchase, and other operations of the company to be described in a well-defined satire. The Reconciliation option can be accessed from the Accounting tab of the Accounting module under the Actions tab and upon selecting it you will be depicted with the Reconciliation window as shown in the following screenshot.

Here all the Payment aspects of the company along with the Chart of Accounts of operations will be described. The invoice details of each of the Chart of the Account as well the amount involved will be described to choose from. You also have the Skip option for skipping the respective Chart of Account which has been defined. Furthermore, under the respective Chart of Accounts defined there is a Miscellaneous Matching tab that will define the Invoices and bills along with the Number Date and the Amount.

Accounting Management Actions

You can also select the Manual Operations menu where the Account, Taxes, Analytical Account details such as Account and the Analytical Tags will be defined. Furthermore, the Journal of the respective Chart of Account as well as the Label, Amount, Write Off Date can be defined. In addition, you can enable the Tax Included in Price, and the To Check options for the respective functionality to be defined. You can save and create a new manual operation by selecting the Save and New option which is being defined. The Miscellaneous Matching, as well as the Manual Operations for all the Chart of Accounts which have been defined, can be described.

Accounting Management Actions

Finally, you can select the Reconcile option available at the top of the menu as shown in the above screenshot which will direct you to the respective Reconciliation menu of the Chart of Account which has been defined. The following screenshot depicts the Reconciliation menu of a Chart of Account where the Code of Account, Account Name, Type, Group, and the Account Currency will be defined. Furthermore, you have an option that can be enabled which will Allow Reconciliation and Depreciation of the respective Chart of Account. There are also Reconcile options that can be selected for the Reconciliation of the respective Chart of Account defined to take place.

Accounting Management Actions

The Reconciliation menu will be a useful Action tool in Odoo Accounting helping you to define the Financial operations concerning each of the Chart of Accounts defined by a company to be functioning in an orderly way. As we are clear on the Reconciliation menu available in the Odoo Accounting Action tools let's now move on to understand the next menu the Lock Dates in the next section.

Lock Dates

The Lock Dates functionality in the Odoo Accounting will help you to configure the operations of the Fiscal Periods of operation for the company operations. This feature will be beneficial to the company management as they may require to customize the Fiscal Periods based on their need. You can access the Lock Dates menu from the Actions tab of the Accounting module. Upon selecting the menu, you will be depicted with a pop-up window just as depicted in the following screenshot. Here you can Lock your Fiscal Period based on your need.

Initially, you have to define the Lock Date for Non- Advisers, Lock Date for All Users, and the Tax Lock Date by selecting a date for the calendar which will be depicted upon selecting the drop-down option. In the Odoo Accounting module, the users have different access rights based on their authorization and designation of operation: Auditor, Billing, Accountant, Advisor, and Consolidation User. Each of them has its own privileges to operate in the Accounting module. For example, when a user with an Advisor role has added a Lock date for non-advisory, no users with non-advisor access rights are not able to edit the documents till that Lock Date. Similarly, once the Lock Date for all users is set, none of them (including advisors & non-advisors) are able to edit the documents till that date. Normally during the auditing time of the company financial operations, the Lock Date can be defined for non-advisors, and similarly, after the closing of a fiscal year Lock Dates can be set therefore, no user can edit previous data. Finally, if the dates are being configured you need to select the Save options. You also have the provision to Discard the Lock Dates any you want with the proper authorization.

Accounting Management Actions

Further, if there are certain Unposted entries in the respective Fiscal Period in the Odoo Warning window will be depicted as a pop-up towards you as shown in the following screenshot. The Warnings are auto-generated as the Odoo platform is configured to help the financial management operations of the company and the Unposted Entries should be defined initially before closing a Fiscal Period. You will have a Cancel option which will help you to cancel the Lock Dates posting or else you can select the Show Unposted Entries options.

Accounting Management Actions

Upon selecting the Show Unposted Entries options you will be directed to the menu where all the Unposted entries concerning the operations of the Financial aspects of the respective Fiscal period will be defined.

Accounting Management Actions

There will be Filtering as well as Group by options available just as in all other menus of the Odoo platform which will be helping us to determine the respective Unposted Entries from the menu being described. As we are clear on the aspects of Accounting Action tools available in the Odoo Accounting module, let's now move on to the next section where the Accounting Ledgers are being described.



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