Chapter: 3 - Configuration tools in Accounting module

Fiscal Position

The Fiscal Positions are defined as the account management entity which is used in the financial management aspects of companies all around the world. The Fiscal Positions can be used to Automatically adapt the taxes as well as the financial accounts which are being used for the transactions. Odoo has a dedicated Fiscal Position management menu where all the defined Fiscal Positions are defined just as depicted in the following screenshot. Here the Fiscal Positions are defined with their name and can be Filtered and Grouped by both customizable options as well as default ones available.

Fiscal Position

To create a Fiscal Position, you can make use of the Create option available, you can also select a defined Fiscal Position to edit the operational aspect of it. In the respective Fiscal Positions menu, the name of the Fiscal Position can be provided and there are various configurable options such as Use TaxCloud API, Detect Automatically, and VAT required, Country Group, Country Federal, and the States Zip Range, From and To date can be defined. Furthermore, when the Detect Automatically Option is enabled, then the tax mapping operation is auto-detected with respect to the country, Country group, and the region or the Federal State of the partner operation.

Under the Tax Mapping menu, the Tax on Product along with the Tax to Apply can be defined by selecting the Add a line option. Here the respective tax which should be applied to the product will be defined. Further, when the Fiscal mapping is detected by Odoo when the partner is chosen for the operation the respective product tax will be applied based on the fiscal position. A similar aspect can also be seen in the Account Mapping operation of the Fiscal position operation.

Fiscal Position

Under the Accounting Mapping menu of the Fiscal Position configuration window where the Account on Product and the Account To Use Instead for the respective Account on Product using the Add a line option available.

Fiscal Position

Once the Fiscal Position has been configured you should save it and it will be described in the menu. As we are clear on the Fiscal Position menu and the configuration aspects of it lets now move on to the Online Synchronization aspect of the Odoo Accounting module.



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