Chapter: 3 - Configuration tools in Accounting module

Payment Options

Odoo has various Configurations tools and options available regarding the aspects of Accounting operations management. One of the primary aspects of the Accounting management operations is the management of the Payments and their allocated aspects. Obtaining payment for the sales conducted on the company falls under the shoulders of the Financial department teams in a company. In this modernized era, you need to define and accept the payment from various sources as the ones which are suitable for the company of operation.

One of the vital aspects of the Payment options of configurations available in the Odoo platform is the Payment Acquirers which will pave the way for accepting the payment. The next section will describe the Payment Acquirers which are being defined for the operations in the Odoo platform.

Payment Acquirers

The Payment Acquirers menu of the Odoo platform can be accessed from the configuration tab of the Accounting module where all the Payment Acquirers that are installed and defined to be in operations are depicted. The following image depicts the Payment Acquirers menu of the Odoo Accounting module, here you will have a depiction of the respective Payment Acquirers which are being Enabled for operations with the label. Furthermore, in case a respective Payment Acquirer is not being installed for operations you can install it by selecting the INSTALL Option available in the respective Payment Acquirer which has been defined. In addition, you also have Filter as well as Group by option which will help you to obtain the respective Payment Acquirer.

Payment Options

You can also create a new Payment Acquirers using the Create button available or else you can Edit an existing one by selecting it and you will be depicted with the menu as shown in the following screenshot. Here you need to provide the Name of the Payment Acquirer select the State of its form the default options Disables, Enabled, or Test Mode. You can also configure a picture for the respective Payment Acquirer as it will help you as well as the customer to identify it easily, it can be the logo of the respective service provider. Moreover, under the Configuration tab, you need to configure the Payment Form options such as Displayed as, Supported Payment Icons from the drop-down menu and you can choose to Enable QR Codes or disable it.

In addition, under the Availability selection, you need to specify the Countries in which the respective Payment Acquirer will be available for operation. The Payment Journal for the respective Payment Acquirer should be defined by selecting the Journal from the drop-down menu under the Payment Follow-up tab.

Payment Options

Additionally, under the Messages tab of the Payment Acquirer configuration menu, you can provide a custom message once the Payment Acquirer is being used for operations. These messages can be a sort of warning for the users of it’s for the payment operations.

Payment Options

The various Payment Acquirers which are specified for the operations in the Odoo platform will be described under the Apps module of the Odoo platform. Here you can choose the Accounting Category to depict all the Accounting Apps under the Odoo platform from which you can directly Install the Payment Acquirers for operations. The following screenshot describes the Applications module of the Odoo platform where the filtration is done for the Category of Accounting Apps.

Payment Options

Furthermore, you can download the various Payment Acquirer which is not listed here for the Odoo Apps Store where the Odoo community has developed advanced operational Payment Acquirer applications for you.

Up until now, we were discussing the Payment Options in the Odoo Accounting module, as we gave a complete understanding of it. Let's now move onto the next section where the Management Options in the Accounting module are discussed.



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