Access Rights for users in Odoo Accounting

Providing authorization-based levels of operation between the employees of a company is crucial, not only for its smooth running but also for protecting sensitive data, limiting access to certain areas of the system, and preventing unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. It also helps to ensure that employees only have access to the information they need to do their job, which can help to reduce the risk of data breaches.

Additionally, limiting access to certain areas can help prevent malicious activity and ensure that only authorized personnel can access the system. Similarly, the authorization-based levels of operation will portray who has the authority and responsibility and who is responsible for specific factors in the working of the organization. The sophisticated Odoo platform maintains hierarchical-based operations by designing default user choices in the platform. In this feature, you have the provision to describe default user choices that can be preferred to specify the authority of the corresponding user.

The Odoo 16 platform allows you to assign the user as Billing, Read-only, Bookkeeper, and Accountant with respect to the financial operations of the company when configuring new users.

In Odoo Accounting, Access rights are assigned to users in the form of access control lists. Access rights can be assigned, modified, or revoked for specific users depending on their role in the organization. Access rights can range from read-only access to full control of the Accounting module. It is also used to restrict access to certain financial information and transactions, ensuring that only authorized users are able to view and manipulate financial data.

As per the hierarchy, the Accountant will be provided with the highest honor of authority in regard to the financial management operations of your company. Whereas the Bookkeeper falls under them and the Billing, Read-only comes as the lower level of an employee with only limited access and configuration tools of operations. This is because they operate in the front end of the business, and the main aspects in regard to them will be the function of dealing with the customers as well as conducting sales and functions at the billing desk.

The Accountant of an organization is provided with the functional aspect of filing the accounting aspects and arranging them in an orderly fashion which is as per the norms and regulations. Each bill and invoice is filled, and all are managed in operation as needed by the Accountant. Moreover, an accountant will be responsible for sending out the payments in regards to the purchase operations conducted and the needs and necessities of the functioning of the company. In Odoo, the Accountant will be responsible for maintaining the Chart of Accounts, Ledgers, and Journal entries and defining all the aspects related to finance operation and its management.

The second level of hierarchy for Odoo users defines the access rights of the Bookkeeper. A user with Bookkeeper access rights can be able to access the accounting dashboard and will be responsible for customer and vendor management. The accounting aspects of journal entry creation and management tool for asset deferred revenue/expenses and reports aspects as well.

Users with access right Billing will not have access to the accounting dashboard but will be able to generate invoices/bills and payments and can access to reporting aspects like some partner reports such as aged payables and aged receivables and some management reports, including invoicing analysis, depreciation schedule, and unrealized currency gain/loss reports, etc.

The next level in the hierarchy defines the access right of Read-only, where accounting dashboard access in read-only mode will be available to Odoo users. It will be possible to generate partner invoices and bills and only have read-only access to all other accounting and management access, including partner payments, asset management, deferred revenue/expense, and reporting as well.

For the proper functioning of the company, you should grant separate authority and accessibility to every single one of the employees in accordance with the employee’s abilities, skills, and designations - the Odoo platform is highly efficient for it.

In addition, the state-of-the-art tools and features available in the platform will act as a complete solution for smooth and effective company management. The platform helps you to constantly watch whether the employees are getting the right access and potentiality and whether they are not misleading, which will affect the company's operation.

Now it is obvious that the different types of users described in the Odoo with the Accounting operation. It will be richly rewarding and helpful to grant the proper authority to each member. Now let us take a further step to discuss the configuration aspects of the Companies and the Settings options associated in it.



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