The Odoo ERP Software provides its users with a wide variety of modules in order to make the business process easier. One of those modules is Calendar which helps you to control all the schedules and work to be completed in a well-structured manner. For any business operations, they require certain meetings to be scheduled for discussions regarding their work. Even though the organization is small or big, they require meetings to be conducted for the smooth and systematic running of the company. In order to express personal thoughts and ideas and to share them with others, certain meetings have to be conducted.

Their meetings should be performed in a well-disciplined manner without any waste of their valuable time. Such meetings help to reduce the conflicts between the organizations, well-planned decisions will be taken, team members actively participate and liveliness, and moreover, they can save a lot of time. For these meetings to get practiced in a well-organized manner, Odoo is here with a module of Calendar that helps to do so. All their internal as well as external meetings and discussions can be practiced in a well-structured manner.

Using this calendar module, you can track the information regarding your appointments and other commitments very easily. In order to plan the daily business schedules, Odoo Calendar Module is really of great use. All these arranged meetings can be seen in this calendar view. In this option, you can even see the name of the meeting along with the attendees in the meeting as well.

Now, let’s move to the further features available in the Calendar Module.

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The Calendar can be visualized by changing it to a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly basis. In the topmost corner, you can see the options for this. In this page, you can see already scheduled activities on particular dates and times. When you go for the Daily calendar, then you will be able to see the works arranged on the date that we select. In the weekly option, you will get the work assigned for that particular week. In the Monthly option, the works organized for that month decided for respective data can also be seen. Similarly, in the yearly calendar, you will be provided with the activities arranged for that whole year.

In Odoo Calendar Module, as in other modules, you can see the options for customizing using the filter options. Here, we will get the data based on the already arranged business tasks on particular days. Here, you will be given other pieces of information about the activity.

Odoo Community Edition Book

In this further detail, you can also see an Edit option as well if any corrections are required. On the right-most side of the page, you are provided with the monthly calendar as well. Below that, you have got two options such as Google and Outlook, which can be synced with odoo to receive and view the scheduled meetings as shown below.

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On the right-most side, you will be provided with the list of managing officers. Using the Add Attendees option, you can even add other attendees here.

Now let's see how we can create a new meeting and add further details to it. For that process to take place, select a particular date on which you have to schedule the activity. On doing so, a pop-up window gets automatically displayed, as shown below.

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In this window, you can give the information about the meeting in the provided space. Using the Edit button, you can add further details to this.

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Here you can include new attendees in the provided space. Under theMeeting Details tab, you can give the Starting and Ending date in the Starting at and Ending at options of the particular meeting. If the meeting is required for every day, then you can mark the All Day option. In the Organizer option, you can fix a person to be the organizer of that particular meeting. In the Reminders file, if required, you can set any reminders. Based on the meeting, reminders will be sent to the attendees as notifications. You can add the location of the meeting where the meeting is going to be conducted. And then, a meeting URL and related Tags can also be added to the corresponding tabs. Here you have got an extra option of Video call Meetings in the Calendar module, which is a new feature in this version. This option triggers a user to find directions for any video calls that they have to attend. These video calls can be conducted in meetings for mandatory events from the Event Form as well.

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In the Options tab, you can give the description of the specific meeting. Here you can trigger the Recurrent field. In the Privacy option, meetings can be made public, private, or internal users. Under the Show As option, you can keep it Busy or Available. If it is kept busy, then the meeting will be shown as Busy to others based on its privacy. This option helps others to acknowledge that you are busy at a particular time. If you are online at that particular time, then keep it as available. After adding all the mandatory details, go to the Save button to save the newly formed meeting.

You can also make use of the Add button provided in the main window of the Calendar Module, as shown below, for adding a new meeting to this page.

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On the right corner of the page, you will get an option to see the already scheduled meetings in the form of a List View. Here, you will get some pieces of information about the already scheduled meetings, such as the Subject of the meeting, Starting Date of the meeting, Ending Date of the meeting, those who are attending the meeting, Location from where the meeting is going to get conducted, and Duration of the meeting, respectively. If you need to expand the list view, then go for the three dots provided in the right-most corner of the page, as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

As mentioned above, you can make use of the Create button provided for making new meetings.

Calendar Module is really an easy and highly useful Module in Odoo ERP Software that helps you in scheduling different activities for particular days. It helps for the smooth running of business processes.



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