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Request for Quotation

For every sizable purchase your company makes for business, the concerned vendor shall draft you a quotation for the purchased items upon request. You can convert the response to your Request for Quotation (RFQ) into a purchase order. Using these quotations, you can compare the product’s price range and quality with similar suppliers, which will help you pick the right vendor.

The home window of the Purchase module will showcase all RFQs created on the platform. You can see the details of these quotations like Reference number, Vendor name, Company name, Buyer, Order Deadline, Activities, Source Document, Total cost, and Status of the RFQ.

Odoo Community Edition Book

There are two sections in the window shown above – All RFQs and My RFQs – displaying the number of RFQs To Send, Waiting, and Late. When you click on ‘To Send,’ the window will list the details of the requests you need to send. The RFQs waiting for the vendors’ reply will appear under ‘Waiting.’ Lastly, under ‘Late,’ you can see the RFQs of orders that are past their deadlines. All RFQs contain the quotation requests already configured in the module, whereas My RFQs show the quotation requests for the purchases made by you (the admin).

You can view the details like Avg Order Value, Purchased Last 7 Days, Lead Time to Purchase, and RFQs Sent Last 7 Days. Avg Order Value gives you the mean value of the orders listed in the window. This value changes as you apply different filters. The section ‘Purchased Last 7 Days’ shows the total cost of all the purchases made in the last seven days. Refer to ‘Lead Time to Purchase’ to know the time between the day of making an order and the day of purchasing it.

In the top right corner, you can click on the icons for different views like List, Kanban, Pivot, Graph, and Calendar. If you want to separate a particular set of records based on specific criteria, you can use the Filters and Group By options. The dropdown list of Filters has the options – My Purchases, Starred, RFQs, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, To Approve, Order Date, Draft RFQs, Waiting RFQs, Late RFQs, and Warning.

The Create button will help to create a new request for a quotation in the Purchase module.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Select the Vendor’s name with whom you want to purchase and mention the Vendor Reference in the given field. Attach the purchase agreement to the RFQ, which will define the conditions between vendor and buyer. The Order Deadline will determine the date of the conversion of RFQ into an order. While mentioning the Receipt Date, you can enable the ‘Ask Confirmation’ button, which will send a confirmation mail to the vendor regarding the receipt date

Under the Product tab, you can configure the product list to the RFQ. Click the ‘Add a product’ option and select a product that you want to purchase from the configured product list in the module. While selecting a product, the other fields, such as Description, Quantity, UoM, Unit Price, Taxes, and Subtotal, will be automatically filled in with respect to the product you have selected. You can change the quantity of the product as per your demand, and the total price will change accordingly.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Below the ‘Other Information’ tab, add the Purchase Representative, Company, Payment Terms, Fiscal Position, and Incoterm details.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The Alternatives tab is a new feature in Odoo 16. This tab can be used to add alternative purchase orders with the same product from different suppliers. It will create a call for tender when you add alternative orders. You can compare the alternatives and select the best option. Click the Create Alternative button to create alternatives. You will get a pop-up window as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

You can select the alternative Vendor in the given space. The Copy Products option will help you to copy the product details of the actual purchase order. Now, click the Create Alternative button. You can check the alternative orders under the respective tab.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The Link to Existing RFQ can be used to link the alternative to the existing RFQ. In order to compare the product lines of the alternatives, you can use the Compare Product Lines button.

Clicking on this option will open a new window where you can observe the Product, Vendor, Reference, Status, Description, Expected Arrival, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Unit Price, Total, and Currency.

Odoo Community Edition Book

You can select the best option from the alternatives by clicking on the Choose button. Otherwise, you can use the Crear button.

Odoo Community Edition Book

After saving the RFQ, you will be able to see an option to send the RFQ through Email. While clicking the ‘Send by Email’, an auto-generated mail will appear and you can send this to the respective vendor. After sending the mail, you can view the status of the newly created RFQ that has changed into the ‘RFQ Sent’.

Odoo Community Edition Book


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