Tags in Odoo 16 Project Management App - Odoo v16 Community Edition Book

Project Management


Now, you are also provided with the tags option in the configuration menu in order to add related tags to the project, which is an easy process in the project management module. On opening the tags option from the configuration menu, you will get a page, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the page, you can see the list of already created tags along with the color which is used to indicate it. You can make use of the filters group by and favorites options if required. The new option can be sued in order to create similar kinds of tags.

On selecting renew option, a new line will be added in order to add the new tags to the existing list, and the process of the creation is very simple, within a few steps.

Activity Types

Now, under the project management module, scheduling activity is a very easy process. Under the configuration menu, you will get the option of activity type, and then you will get the list of all the activities, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the page, you have all the scheduled activities. The details regarding the activity include the name of the activity, default summary, planned in, type, model, and icon, respectively. In order to create a similar kind of scheduled activity, just go to the NEW icon, and then you will be providing all the pages, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the page, you have to add some details regarding the activity, such as the name of the activity at the very beginning. Then under the activity settings option, you can add the action from the drop-down menu, default user, model, default summary, icon, decoration type, and a default note as well. Now, under the next activity, you can add the chaining type as a trigger next activity or suggest the next activity. Suggest an option, email templates, and schedule time period, respectively. If the chaining type is set as the trigger next activity, then the mentioned activities will be automatically scheduled when the current one is marked as done. If it next activity is suggested, then the mentioned activity will be suggested when the current one is marked as done. When you are done providing all the details, you can go to the save icon.



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