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The Odoo 16 Website and eCommerce module's Reporting tab can be used to generate reports and analyze client data. Analyzing website traffic, consumer behavior, orders and sales, and product performance are all part of this. Performance data like website visits, page views, and conversion rates can also be tracked using the Reporting tab. It can also be utilized to gain insights on customer segmentation and marketing initiatives. Furthermore, the reporting function is extremely useful for generating financial data such as sales and profitability.

The Reporting feature in this module allows you to quickly and easily create reports. You can choose which data to include and customise the columns and filters to get exactly what you need. Furthermore, you may automate reports with Odoo so that they are generated automatically on a regular basis. This saves time and guarantees that you always have the most up-to-date information.

You can produce aesthetically beautiful and professional-looking reports using the Reporting function. Furthermore, the reporting tab allows you to readily analyse the data in your reports. You can immediately recognise trends and find opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, you may export the reports to a variety of formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV.


In Odoo 16, the Analytics menu of the Reporting tab offers a number of options to measure and analyze the performance of your website or eCommerce. It can be used to track website visits, analyze sales performance, visualize data, and many other things. It gives you insights into user behavior and allows you to make data-driven decisions. You can also use the Analytics menu to generate custom reports and dashboards to track website and eCommerce performance.

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Online Sales

the Online Sales Analysis menu in the Odoo 16 Website module's Reporting page provides users with an overview of their online sales performance. This menu has a number of reports that may be used to examine a variety of variables, including website visitors, online purchases, product sales, orders, and average order values. These reports can be used to highlight areas for improvement on the websites, such as the need for more focused advertising and promotional efforts, or to identify products that are doing well and could benefit from extra investment.

The Online Sales Analysis window is available in both Pivot and Graph mode. The window's Graph view representation is shown below.

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You can generate sales analysis reports in various measurements using the measures provided in the window's measurements tab. When you select the Measures tab, a dropdown menu will appear with a long list of menus such as #of Lines, Discount, Discount Amount, Gross Weight, Margin, Qty Delivered, Qty Invoiced, Qty Ordered, Qty to Deliver, Qty To Invoice, Total, Untaxed Amount Invoiced, Untaxed Amount To Invoice, Untaxed Total, Volume, and Count.


The visitors menu in the Odoo 16 website module's Reporting tab allows users to view reports on website visitors, such as their location, the pages they've visited, and the length of their visits. View the top visits and pages, visitor flow, and visitor map from the menu. It also allows you to view visitor details, which provide information about each individual visitor, such as their location, IP address, and the pages they have visited. Furthermore, the menu enables users to generate a report on website visitors, which can be used to analyse website traffic and make decisions on how to improve the website.

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The visitors page, as shown in the screenshot above, will save the history of each website visitor. You can see the most recent action, the number of visits, the number of visited pages, any chats, the number of leads or chances generated, and more. The screenshot above depicts the Kanban view; you can switch between List and Graph views by clicking the relevant menu button in the top right corner of the window.

The Visitors menu gives users access to reports that let them evaluate the success of their websites. Reports on page views, time spent on pages, bounce rate, and visitors by country are included. In addition, the visitors menu gives customers access to a visitor log, which allows them to track visitors on their website in real time. The visitor log contains information such as IP addresses, browser type, operating system, and other pertinent information.

Page View

The Page view menu in the Odoo 16 Website module's Reporting page provides a detailed examination of visitors' activity on your website. It provides the number of page views for each page, the number of visitors per page, the total number of visitors, the visitor's name, the name of the page, the URL, the product, the date of their visit, and their average visit duration. Furthermore, by browsing this window, you may learn about the most popular pages as well as the most popular entry and leave pages. In addition to these options, the page view menu lets you filter the results using a variety of preset and unique filtering settings. Pages, Urls & Pages, and Products are the window's default filters. You also have the option to Add Custom Filters.

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