Point of Sale: Odoo 16 Community Book


The settings option under the configuration menu of the point of sale module provides the users with lots of advanced options. Some of the options are discussed in the early pages.


The accounting tab helps you to provide the default sales tax. The option will be available in the Configuration menu.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The arrow icon near the tax option will provide a window where you can find lots of other options related to tax. The Tax options can be opened from the configuration menu also.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the tax page, you will get the list of all the configured taxes on this page. The page consists of tax name, tax type, tax scope, the label on invoice, company, and an active option to get activated. To create a similar kind of tax, go to the Create icon.

You can also create a similar kind of tax from the Tax option provided in the Configuration menu, where there is a New option to make a similar kind of new tax, as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the page, you will get the details, such as the name of the tax, the type of the tax, the scope of the tax, the label on invoices, and the name of the company, respectively. On opening the new page to create a similar kind of tax, you will get some fields to get filled.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Here, you have to provide the name for the tax, and select a type of tax, which decides whether the tax is selectable or not. The tax types include sale, purchase, or none options. You may go to any Tax Computation process, which are Group tax, tax with a group of sub-taxes, Fixed, which makes the tax constant even if the price change, Percentage of price, which means the tax price is a % of the cost, Percentage of Price tax Included, which means the tax cost is a category of the price, and the Python Code, which is used for the purpose of computation of the tax.

You may select a tax scope on particular goods and services. This option will control the use of taxes on a particular type of product alone. The amount of the tax can be provided in the Amount field. You can trigger the Active icon in order to activate the new tax.

Below the Definition tab, you have the distribution for invoices option, where you can include the distribution of the newly created tax with the help of the Add a Line option. The distribution can be made used during the tax used for a particular invoice. And, under the Distribution for credit notes, you can provide the distribution of credit notes with the help of the Add a Line option, as done before. The option can be used when the tax is being refunded.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Now, below the Advance options, you will get space to provide the Label in Invoice and Tax groups options to fill.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Below that, the company and country can also be mentioned. On triggering the Included in Price option, if the price used for the product and invoice is included in this particular tax. On activating the Effect Base of Subsequent Taxes, the particular tax with higher sequence more than this one wll be affected. On triggering the Base Affected by Previous Taxes, the tax which has a lower sequence will be getting affected. Finally, go to the Save icon to get this newly created tax to be made.

Payment Terminals

You have got a payment terminals option in the Settings menu of the Point of Sale module. This option helps you to make the transactions easy during the payment process.

Odoo Community Edition Book

As you can see on the image, you have Ayden, Stripe, Vantiv, and Six payment terminals available on the page to get activated. In order to carry out the process of payment. You will get the Vantiv option from the Configuration menu as well.


There is an option for inventory under the Settings menu of the Point of Sale module. This option helps you in updating the number of products in stock.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Here, you will get the Allow Ship Later option to get activated in order to sell the product and deliver them later. And there is a Barcode Nomenclature as well. Another option in the inventory tab is Operation type, which is used to keep the record of product pickings.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Below the Inventory opinion in the Settings, you have the Technical option, where you have two methods, such as at the session closing and in real-time. At the session, closing means, the picking is done on closing the entire session. And in real-time, the picking will be done on its own when each order is sent to the server.



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