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Lead Management

In Odoo 16, you can collect leads from various sources and monitor their criteria to qualify as opportunities. The CRM module also helps you to generate new leads, which can convert into opportunities if they meet the company’s requirements. You can mobilize the lead management system under the Settings menu of the Configuration tab in the module.

Handy Lead and Opportunity Management

Odoo 16 offers a fully integrated CRM module for lead generation and management, which makes it easier for you to monitor them in a single window. You can manually enter relevant data regarding new leads and opportunities into the database. Integrating the CRM module with the other modules in Odoo 16 adds to the convenience of massive importation of leads. Additionally, it reduces manual labor and increases time efficiency through automated lead entry via website contact integration.

Scheduling Appointments

A strong business relationship with your customers is mandatory for fostering and expanding your enterprise. These relationships established through regular meetings help you convince the customers about the credibility of your product or service. You can easily schedule appointments with your customers or leads using the CRM module in Odoo16 via voice calls, video conferences, or Email. Odoo will send a system-generated or preconfigured reminder to the opposite party for confirmation. Moreover, the system allows you to review the performance of the lead and schedule the next appointment accordingly.

Integration with the Sales Module:

Most actions in the CRM module are intricately involved with the Sales module, which offers a solid framework for its functionality. This module can send quotations to the concerned party upon converting a lead into an opportunity. Besides, it is also possible to manage and monitor sales orders efficiently by integrating the CRM and Sales modules. Using this module, you can strengthen the functions of sales activities, from creating quotations to receiving customer orders. The details of all the leads and customers and their interactions will be available under a single umbrella. The sales department can access these data later on.

Unique Reporting System:

You can find a comprehensive reporting section in many modules of Odoo 16, which equips your company with precise data analysis in each module. This way, you can formulate a plan of action to improve your company’s overall performance. Moreover, you can analyze previous data and predict future trends in your niche of business (Forecast). The sales and marketing pipeline also benefits from a well-functioning reporting system.


The Odoo 16 CRM module provides a platform for prioritizing different activities in the marketing and sales pipeline. This process, in turn, helps maximize sales and achieve your targets effectively.

Promotion of Leads:

The CRM module allows you to send automated emails to your customers. This action directly influences sales activities by sustaining a stable customer relationship. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to convert leads into opportunities by promoting your products or services. In the following section, we shall discuss lead management in the CRM module.

Odoo Community Edition Book Odoo Community Edition Book

Check the Leads box as highlighted above and click on ‘Save.’ After activating this option, a new Leads tab will appear on the main menu bar.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The Leads window displays the details of the prospects like Lead name, Email, Phone, Company, City, Country, Assigned Partner, Salesperson, and Sales Team. Click any lead preview to get its detailed form view.

Odoo Community Edition Book

As you can see here, the Edit button is absent from the form view. You can directly edit the data in this entry by placing the cursor on respective fields. This feature is a new addition to Odoo 16. You can create new leads in this window and manage their dynamics. Click on the Create button to add a new prospect. You will get the following window.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Here, you can see that the Save button is absent. The data you record gets automatically saved. You can switch to manual saving by clicking on the Save Manually icon. This latest version also shows a significant change in the Discard button. Similarly, the Create and Action buttons are placed on the right side of the window. These features are unique to Odoo 16.

Assign a name for your lead in the respective field. In the Probability field, you can indicate the chance (in percentage) of conversion of the prospect to an opportunity. Then, provide the Company Name, Address, Website, Salesperson, Sales Team, Contact Name, Email, Job Position, Phone, Mobile, Priority, and Tags.

The Add a Property feature allows you to add new fields in the form view, which will display when you click on its preview. This is a unique property available exclusively in Odoo 16. When you click on it, you will get a dialog box.

Odoo Community Edition Book

In place of ‘Property 1,’ you can add a custom field name. Select ‘Field Type’ from the dropdown list and set ‘Default Value.’ For example, name the property as ‘Contact Name.’ Select ‘Many2one’ from the dropdown list of ‘Field Type.’ Depending on this selection, you will get new fields like ‘Model’ and ‘Domain.’ Set the former as ‘Contact’ and the latter as ‘Match all Records.’ You can also add filters if necessary. Then, add ‘Default Value.’ You can assign multiple properties to the same lead.

Under these fields, three tabs are available – Internal Notes, Extra Info, and Assigned Partner.

Add additional notes under the Internal Notes tab if required. Under ‘Extra Info,’ provide the necessary details for the smooth tracking of the lead’s dynamic.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Fill in the fields under the Marketing section like Company, Campaign name, Medium of delivery, Source of the link, and Referred By. Under ‘Analysis,’ auto-generated Assignment Date and Closed Date will be visible. The Bounce field in the Email section sets the counter of the number of bounced emails for this contact, which is a new feature in Odoo 16.

The Assigned Partner tab allows you to give the details of the partner to whom the lead gets assigned.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Provide the details of the Geolocation and Assigned Partner. If you want the system to automatically assign the lead to a partner, click on Automatic Assignment. When you finish adding all the details, click on Save.

Nextly, let us go over the step-by-step procedure of converting a lead into a new opportunity.

Odoo Community Edition Book


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