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Loyalty and promotion programs are a customer retention tactic used to reward your consumers. This type of program can be used to encourage clients to continue purchasing items or services from your company. Customers can earn more incentives by interacting with your company through these types of promotion programs. You may easily apply these programs for your business by utilizing Odoo's Loyalty and Promotion Programme.

The Loyalty area includes options such as Discount & Loyalty, Gift Card & eWallet. These are all highly important tools for an eCommerce website. These features can be enabled from the settings of the website module, once enabled can access this module from the Ecommerce menu of the website module as shown below.

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Let's make a new program by clicking the Create button. The make button will open a new window in which you may make new offers for your customers in order to increase your sales. You will be given a particular spot to mention the name of the Program, as shown in the screenshot below. You can give the program a suitable title in the Program Name section. Then, select the Program Type.

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In Odoo 16, you can generate Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Promotions, Discount Codes, Buy X Get Y, and Next Order Coupons all in one location. All of these program types are created in a similar manner. You can enter the Company, Points Unit, Currency, and Website in the appropriate boxes. You can provide an end date for the promotion program in the Validity area. You can also limit the number of times the promotion program can be used by activating the Limit Usage section and specifying the number of times. By enabling the corresponding fields in the Available On section, the promotion program will be available on Point of Sale, Sales, and the Website.

You can set rules and appropriate rewards under the Rules & rewards tab by clicking the Add button.

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To add Conditional Rules, click the Add button in the upper right corner of the Rules tab. As illustrated below, a new pop-up will emerge to allow you to define rules.

To qualify for this promotion programme, you can specify the Minimum Quantity and Minimum Purchase Amount in the Conditions page. You can provide this promotion for specific Products, Categories, and Product Tags by entering them in the respective fields so one can utilize the new rule after customizing it.

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You may add Rewards to the promotion programme by clicking the Add button. As illustrated below, a pop-up will display on the screen.

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Choose the type of reward here: discount, free product, or free shipping. You can give your customer a discount by selecting the Discount option. Then you may define what percentage of the Discount you want to provide your customer. By selecting the corresponding option, you can grant a discount on Order, Cheapest Product, or Specific Product. You can set the Maximum Discount granted as a reward under the Discount tab.

Odoo allows you to give away free things as a reward. You can do this by selecting the Reward Type as a Free Product.

The free product's quantity can be specified in the Quantity Rewarded column. You can describe the reward product in the Product area, and the associated tags can be put in the Product Tag field. You can define the Max Discount for free shipping when using Free Shipping as a reward.

Suppose if we have created a promotion program such as Buy 3 large cabinets, get one for free which has a free product along with it as shown below.

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Now let's go to Shop and add a Large Cabinet into the cart and when we add the product into the cart as per the rule assigned to the promotion program we can see that the free product is added to the cart along with it as shown below.

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