eLearning, also known as electronic learning, is the delivery of education and tutoring through digital resources. The process of eLearning can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips with electronic devices like Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones with internet connectivity. It provides trainers and educators with a toolbox for developing specialized learning platforms. Using this open-source, secure, feature-rich software platform, which works on any computer server and all widely used devices, a web-based virtual learning environment with "courses" can be created. The course's learning objectives are met in these

course spaces, where instructors, educators, or trainers design and arrange a variety of resources and activities to create a rich learning experience.

Every open-source Learning Management System(LMS) must have a sizable developer community that is willing to update and change the program to correct bugs and make enhancements. The term "open source" refers to the freedom to access the source code, use, reuse, and redistribute the software without paying any fees.

Odoo 16 eLearning is a complete online learning management platform that provides free and open-source LMS., which provides

  • Beautiful and simple interface for both you and your students.
  • Engage students and showcase their progress through Quizzes, points, badges, and cohort Q&A are all available. Participants retain more information and can assist one another, reducing the time it takes to advance.
  • Assessments and certifications can help to motivate active learning.
  • By automatically calculating grades for your students, providing feedback, certifying their accomplishments, and rewarding them with points, badges, levels, or even prizes, Odoo eLearning makes learning fun and efficient.
  • Advanced reporting provides you with real-time information to get insights into your courses and certifications, the performance of your learners, and the revenues they generate.

We are going to cover the Odoo 16 eLearning Module available in the Community Edition of the Odoo ERP system.

You can install the module or application from the Odoo platform. And let’s move into the eLearning platform, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

After selecting the eLearning platform, you can see the module homepage, as depicted in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

On the e-Learning Module homepage, we can see the dashboard of all the courses created in the eLearning platform arranged in Kanban cards. We can get an overview of the course by looking at the points such as

Course Name:- Name of the Course.

Course Tags:- Tags can be used to denote the type of the Course, level of the course, mode of the course, etc.

Reviews:- Review rating of the course.

Views:- Number of Views the course got from attendees.

Duration:-Duration of the course.

Published Contents:- Number of online published contents of the specific Course.

Attendees:- Number of persons who have attended the course.

Finished:- Number of attendees who have finished the course if the course is a non-certified course.

Certified:- Number of attendees who have certified the course in the case of certified courses. Odoo provides various sort and filtering options for efficient data management so the users can use the Filter, Group By, and Favorites options, as shown in the screenshot above. Clicking on the “VIEW COURSE” button from the Kanban card, we will be directed to the eLearning Website page of the respective Course, as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

You can directly edit the website designs edit course contents using the various editing tools provided in the Odoo website interface illustrated in the above screenshot. We can change the dashboard view into a list view by clicking on the List view icon provided in the upper right corner of the page depicted in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

You can view the courses list view arranged according to Name, Responsible Person Name, Website, Course Type, and Enroll Policy. The Enrolment Policy is a setting or agreement that specifies how individuals can enroll in your course. It can be 3 ways:

  1. Public:- Your Courses can be accessed by everyone for free.
  2. On Invitation: Users can only attend your courses by invitation.
  3. On Payment:- If your company provides online courses for a fee for generating revenue, you can select the "On payment" option.

You can edit changes to the created courses by clicking on the respective course field, which will open the course configuration form, as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

It is possible to alter or manage the course settings and contents using this configuration form shown above.



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