Configuration Tab in SMS Marketing Module provides its users with mainly two options, such as Blacklisted Phone Numbers and Link Trackers. Blacklisted Phone Number is used to eliminate any contacts from the mailing list by just including themes in this Blacklisted Phone Number List. On doing so, the selected contact will not receive any further SMS. To activate this option, go for the Blacklisted Phone Number option in the Configuration Tab, as shown below, where a window will be displayed.

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All the Blacklisted Phone Numbers will be displayed in this window. Here, you can add the required Phone Number by just going to the Create button, as marked in the above image. Then, you will get a window where you have to provide the Contact Number, which you have to Blacklist in the allotted space.

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On triggering the Active icon, the phone number will get included in the Blacklisted Phone Number List.

The next option under the Configuration menu is Link Tracker. This option in the Configuration Menu assists you in recording the links that are sent. This option is combined with the SMS Marketing module by default. It helps to monitor the rates of Clicks and thereby realize the revenues made out during the SMS Campaign. On selecting the Link Tracker option, you will get a window, as shown below.

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In this window, you will get some details, such as the date on which it is created, the Title of the Page, the Button Label, the Target URL, and the total number of Clicks, respectively. You will also get the option of Visit Page and get the statistics of the total number of Clicks as well. Here, you can customize and categorize them using the Filters, Group By option. You can use the search option and Favorites as well. The page can also be seen in Graphical representation, as shown below.

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Here, in the X-axis, you will get the Target URL, and in the Y-axis, the Number of Clicks as well. You can apply suitable measures from the provided options. And you can view the graph in Bar chart, Pie chart, and Line chart form. These are the major features of the SMS Marketing Module.

Here as we have gone through each of the options in this module, we are able to understand that the module can help in importing our contacts to Odoo Software from any Excel document very easily. You can classify your contacts by including them in one or more contact lists. You can consider any of the contacts as campaign recipients in targeting the customers and their leads.

You are able to determine a particular time and date for the purpose of the campaign, and the messages will be sent by Odoo on their own. You can test the SMS by sending it to yourself before sharing it with others; if the customer wishes to unsubscribe from the SMSs, then they can make use of the blacklist option. The SMS Marketing Campaign can even be provided to a fraction of people using the A/B test and can even send an SMS to a number of contacts by using the new action button as well.

You can easily buy the SMSs that you have sent by paying some credits. The undelivered messages will be shown as notifications and what happened for the failure. You will get real-time data about the performance of the SMS. You can even share a link by forming a short link, which includes analytics trackers thereby getting the complete details of the performance of the link on a particularly dedicated dashboard.

The Module is really an effective one for the purpose of marketing the SMS. SMS can be sent to a bulk of people using some clicks. And thereby, you can reduce the workload in marketing during the business.



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