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The Odoo Website module is an excellent tool for developing a website for your business. You can use the platform to design and develop your website pages based on your requirements. The Homepage can be accessed by clicking on the Site menu of the Odoo 16 Website module.

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A single mouse click on the menu will take you to your website's Home page window. You can browse several menus and options for designing your website here. You may manage your website, build custom website pages, and manage content directly from this page.

In the top right corner the user gets an option to create a New option which will help the user to create a new page as shown below.

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The New page option includes creation of a Page, Blog Post, Event, Forum, Job position, Products, Courses and Live chat widget.

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If you are creating a New Page then while clicking on the page option a window will appear which allows the users to enter the Page title name and confirm it, after confirmation the New page is created and will provide different website builders to design the page accordingly.

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There are numerous block tools available in Odoo. There is a "edit" option on every page of the website that will allow you to access them. Users can also access this tool from any page on the website's front end. Odoo has a vast number of block tools that are broadly classified into four types ie. Structure blocks, Feature blocks, Dynamic Content blocks and Inner Content blocks.

Each block is again added with vast variety option such as Banner Block, Cover Block, Text- Image Block, Image-Text Block, Title Block, Text Block, Numbers Block, Picture Block, Comparisons Blocks, Team Blocks, Call to Action Blocks, References Blocks, Accordion Blocks, Features Grid Blocks, Table of Content Blocks, Pricelist Blocks, Items Blocks, Tabs Blocks, Timeline Blocks, Form Blocks, Map Blocks, Google Map Blocks, Dynamic Snippet Blocks, Dynamic Carousel, Products Blocks, Search Blocks, Blog Posts Blocks, Events Blocks, Newsletter block, Newsletter popup, Popup Block, Facebook Block, Countdown Block, Discussion Group Block,Twitter Scroller , Donation Block, Separator Block, Alert Block, Rating, Block, Card Block, Share Block, Newsletter Block, Text Highlight Block, Chart Block , Progress Bar Block, Badge Block, Blockquote Block, Donation Button Block, Add to Cart Button Block, Rental Search Block which can be simply dragged and drop to the concern place.

When dragging and dropping the block the user can customize it accordingly with the help of Customize and Theme option.

The odoo website builder helps the user to add different functionality to the page which make it more informative and accessible , can also allow the customer to add rating to our page with the Rating block which can be simply drag and drop and can add certain theme and all as shown below.

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The user can make all kind of customization within different pages of odoo for example within the shop page when we select a product and choose the edit option then we get certain features for the Product pages such as Layout which have option list and grid, size, style, Top bar and much more, there is a separate section for customizing the product which includes size, reordered and badge option and an image section as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book Odoo Community Edition Book

The user can also have the option to add buttons like Add to Cart, Wishlist and compare as shown below which makes it easy for the customer to access.

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The user can also add multiple images to the product from the product form under the sales page using the option called Extra media and from the website the customer can view them all as shown below.

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Or the user can also add extra images from the customization page of the product as shown below, along with that odoo also provide the option for tax indication that will help the customer to identify whether the product is tax included or tax excluded as shown below.

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Customization is possible at different stages of shopping, for example, within the cart page itself we have different customization options such as Extra Step Option, Suggested Accessories, Promo Code, Accept Terms & Conditions, Show b2b Fields, and Show Discount in subtotals as shown below.

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