Create Equipment for maintenance

Equipment is the basic aspect of the maintenance management system. After installing the module, users can add their equipment, which is manufactured or maintained in their organization, to the Odoo Maintenance software platform.
Odoo provided a separate menu for the equipment management process that can be seen from the application platform menubar, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

After clicking on the “Equipments” menu, we can see the homepage, as shown below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Users can see the list of already created equipment arranged in a Kanban dashboard view. We can also see the details of the particular equipment by clicking on the respective Kanban card. You can also see the product or equipment details and the number of maintenance requests regarding the particular equipment from the dashboard.
“Equipments” homepage view, as in the screenshot above. And you will be directed to an Equipment Configuration form in which we can configure or create new equipment for maintenance procedures and set the frequency of maintenance processes. You can see the configuration form as shown in the screenshot below.

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Users can add their equipment, products, and components in this form with a detailed description of the particular equipment.
You have to fill in the data fields, such as

  • Equipment Name- Name of the Equipment.
  • Equipment Category - The category of the Equipment such as Electronics, Computers, Monitors, etc.( Can be selected from the category field dropdown list).
  • Company details - Name & details of the company.
  • Used By - Mention the authority of the equipment
  • Maintenance Team - Mention the name of the respective team to which the equipment maintenance will be delegated in the maintenance team section.
  • Technician - Name of the Technician for the equipment maintenance.
  • Used in Location - The location within your company where the equipment is used.
  • Employee - Name of the employee who is responsible for the Equipment.

This form contains Three sections Description, Product Information, and Maintenance.

1. Description

In this section, You can give the product description, and maintenance issue, as shown in the screenshot below.

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2. Product Information

You can provide information about the equipment, such as

  • Vendor - Product Vendor name
  • Vendor Reference - Vendor Reference details.
  • Model - Equipment Model details.
  • Serial Number - Serial number of the product or equipment.
  • Effective Date - The first day that equipment had been utilized
  • Cost - Cost of the Equipment
  • Warranty Expiration Date - Warranty period of the equipment

Fill in the required information in the data fields depicted in the screenshot below.

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3. Maintenance

In the “Maintenance” section of the “Configuration” form, You can set your maintenance frequency in the given data fields.

  • Preventive Maintenance Frequency - Preventive Maintenance Frequency is a strategy for organizing company resources to ensure that maintenance tasks are completed in accordance with specific time or usage triggers. Mention your equipment maintenance frequency in this data field.
  • Maintenance Duration - You can mention the duration of your equipment's maintenance procedure.
Odoo Community Edition Book

Save your equipment details using the save icon.
From the “Equipment’s” home page, you can see the new equipment has been created, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Now your equipment record is saved into the Odoo maintenance you can see the maintenance record of the particular equipment by clicking on the Kanban view.



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