Odoo ERP allows you to effectively generate comprehensive reports of various records configured in its modules, both analytical and quantitative. They foster a platform to catalyze the employees' overall performance and devise strategic inputs for the company’s business growth. While creating these reports, you can choose to go with default or customizable ones. The Filters and Group By options make your reports precise and legible.


The Stock window displays every stock configured in the system, along with the details like Product name, Unit Cost, Total Value, On Hand (current quantity of products), Free to Use (quantity of products on hand excluding the reserved quantity), Incoming (quantity of planned incoming goods), Outgoing (quantity of planned outgoing goods), and Unit (of measurement). To access this window, click on the Stock menu from the Reporting tab’s dropdown list.

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The classification criteria of the products listed in the system will appear on the left side of this window. In this section, you can see two such divisions – Warehouses and Category. To filter out the stock based on a particular category, you can simply check the box next to that category. The resulting window will show only the products fitting that description. Similarly, you can select a warehouse for the window to display its associated items.

Use the Filters, Group By, and Favorites options to filter and categorize the products based on different criteria.

If you click on the button in the window's top right corner, you will get various sections, as shown below.

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You can check the required fields, the details of which you want to appear in the window.


The Locations window displays all the products in the system against their warehouse locations. Click on ‘Locations’ from the dropdown list of the Reporting tab.

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Here, you can see the details of all the products, like their name, Location, Lot/Serial Number, On Hand Quantity, Reserved Quantity, and Unit. The window has a List view by default, but you can change this to Pivot or Graph view by clicking on the icons highlighted above. Use the Filters, Group By, and Favorites options to sort and segregate your records according to the desired criteria.

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When you click on the button in the top right corner of the window, you will get a list of options from which you can select the details you want to see.

To create a new product, you can click on the Create button. A new line will appear at the bottom of the window.

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You can add the required details and directly include this entry in the system.

Moves History

The Moves History window tracks all the operations related to product movements and records them meticulously. Select ‘Moves History’ from under the Reporting tab.

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The window shows details like Date of movement, Reference, Product name, Lot/Serial Number, From (the location from which the product is shifted), To ( the location to which the product is shifted), Quantity, Unit, and Status.

You can use ‘Filters,’ ‘Group By,’ and ‘Favorites’ to apply various criteria and single out the required data. You can view this window in the List, Kanban, or Pivot mode by selecting the respective icon from the window's top right corner.


You can carry out various stock valuations under the Valuation menu. Select ‘Valuation’ from the dropdown list of the Reporting tab.

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The Stock Valuation window lists the details like Date, Reference, Product, Company, Moved Quantity, Unit Value, Remaining Quantity, Unit of Measure, and Remaining Value. You can sort and classify these records using the Filters, Group By, and Favorites options. Besides, the window offers two modes of view – List and Pivot. Opt for the required mode by clicking on the respective icons as shown above.

With this feature, we conclude the detailed analysis of the Inventory module. You can assign this module to track and manage all operations related to your company’s inventory.



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