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Payment Provider

Odoo integrates a number of payment providers, allowing your clients to pay through their Customer Portals or your eCommerce website. They can use their preferred payment methods, such as credit cards, to make recurring payments on sales orders, invoices, or subscriptions.Offering many payment options increases your chances of receiving payment on time, if not instantly, because it makes it more comfortable for customers to pay using the payment method they like and trust.

Odoo offers a wide range of online payment providers for your website, allowing your consumers to pay using their preferred way. Go to the Website module Configuration Payment Providers to configure payment providers on the eCommerce app. Activate the payment providers you want to have available on your shop and configure them to your specifications.

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In this section, you can see how each Payment Acquirer is set up. At the top of the window is a name for the Payment Acquirer. The platform then gives you the option to indicate whether the Payment Acquirer is activated, disabled, or in test mode. Under the State field, this can be specified. You can select the Enabled option to make the field active. When you switch on Test mode, a test payment interface processes a bogus payment. When configuring the acquirer, use this mode. The responsible Company and Website can then be identified after that.

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Mollie is one of the new payment provider introduced in odoo 16. Mollie is a payment platform based in the Netherlands. All popular online payment options are supported by Mollie. With Mollie, you can let your business expand anyway you wish, whether it be by going global or concentrating on a particular area.

To connect to your Mollie account, Odoo needs your API Credentials, which are made up of API Key: Depending on the provider's setup, either the test or the live API Key. Your login information can be copied from your Mollie account and pasted into the appropriate fields found under the Credentials page. Log into your Mollie account, select Developers API keys, then copy your Test or Live API Key to obtain your API key.

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Along with this there are some of the new payment providers that are introduced in odoo 16 and they're Asiapay, Flutterwave, Mercado Pago, Razorpay, Sips, Buckaroo.

AsiaPay is a Hong Kong-based online payment service that supports a number of Asian nations and payment options.

Flutterwave Flutterwave is a Nigeria-based online payment provider that serves numerous African nations and payment methods.

Mercado Pago is a Latin American online payment provider that accepts a variety of currencies and payment methods.

Razorpay is an online payment provider based in India that accepts over 100 different payment methods.

Buckaroois a Dutch corporation that provides many online payment options.

Payment Tokens

To create and manage payment tokens, use the Payment Tokens option in the Odoo 16 Website module. Customers can securely retain their payment information, such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes for future transactions, using tokenized payments, which are digital representations of payment cards, through the menu. Customers may quickly and easily complete online transactions with Payment Tokens in just a few clicks. Users can set up and manage payment partners as well as see and manage client payment tokens under the Payment Tokens menu. Users can also set up payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and many others that can be utilized with payment tokens.

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Payment Icon

Any website that accepts online payments obviously must include payment icons. Users can immediately identify which online payment gateways and credit or debit cards are accepted on your eCommerce site thanks to these instantly recognizable icons. As a result, it will improve the shopping experience for customers at checkout and promote website confidence.

Users can set up the numerous payment options that clients can use to buy goods and services using the Payment icon menu in the Odoo 16 Website module. Users can choose the payment icon they want to activate on their website from a list of those that are made available.

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VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Credit Cards, and many others are among the Payment Icons that are readily available. Users can also add details to the icons to change how they look. Customers can select their preferred payment method while making purchases thanks to this functionality.

Payment Transactions

Users may access and manage the details of their payment transactions in the Odoo 16 Website module's Payment Transactions menu, which is located under the Configuration tab. You get access to their payment transactions, including the option to check payment history, and can view and control them. Users can also configure automated refunds and view, capture, void, and refund transactions. You will be taken to the Payment Transaction window as shown in the screenshot below as soon as you choose the Payment Transaction menu from the Configuration tab.

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