Product Variants & Attributes

In order to improve your sales, you can provide different variants of a product to your customers. This strategy will benefit you to enhance sales. You can add multiple variants of a product in the Inventory module just like we detailed in the Sales and Purchase modules. In order to get the Variants options under the Products menu, you can go to the Settings menu of the module.

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As shown in the screenshot above, activate the Variants option from the Products tab. Now, you can go to the Products menu and select the Product Variants option. The configuration of the product variant is the same as that of the Product configuration.

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The screenshot displays the variants of different products in the Inventory module. The Variant Value of each product can be observed from this window. You can use the New button to configure a new variant of a product. Once you complete the configuration you can go to the form view of the respective product where you can add this variant under the Attributes & Variants tab.

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Using the Configure button, you can mention the Attributes and corresponding Values of the variant in the given fields.

You can use the Product Attributes option from the Configuration menu to configure different attributes to the variant of a product. Clicking on this option will open a new window where you can observe already created attributes, as shown in the image below.

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The list view displays the details of Attribute, Category, Display Type, Variants Creation Mode, and eCommerce Filter Visibility. Use the New button to add a new attribute for products.

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Provide a suitable name for the attribute in the Attribute Name field. By mentioning Category, it is possible to group similar attributes under the same section in the Comparison page of eCommerce. You can select a suitable Display Type from the given options, such as Radio, Pills, Select, and Color, which will be used in the Product Configurator window.

In order to define the methods of the creation of variants in Odoo, you can use the Variants Creation Mode field. The available options are;

Instantly: This option can be used to create all possible variants when you add attributes and their values while configuring a product.

Dynamically: By selecting this option, the variant will be created only when you use the corresponding attributes and values in a sales order.

Never: If you don’t want to create any variants for the attributes, you can select the Never option.

In order to make this attribute visible on the eCommerce page as a filter, you can select the Visible option from the eCommerce Filter Visibility field. Selecting the Hidden option will hide this attribute from the available filters. Now, you can add Values under the Attribute Values tab using the Add a Line button.

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After configuration, you can use this attribute to products in the form view. The Related Products smart button will show the products with this particular attribute.



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