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Reordering Rules

By using Reordering Rules, you can make sure that your business's inventory doesn't run out of essential items. If you generate a fresh sales order or come across an empty reserve, you can automatically replenish the inventory.

From the Configuration tab, select "Reordering Rules."

Odoo 17 Inventory

The product, location, quantity on hand, forecast, preferred route, vendor, minimum quantity, maximum quantity, to order, and UoM are among the data that are shown in the window. Indicate the desired destination for the product by filling out the Location form. The term "Min Quantity" specifies the bare minimum of the item that the stock must always contain. The system will send a purchase order to their suppliers to replenish the depleted products if this amount falls below the designated value. By selecting the button in the top-right corner of the window, you can add additional fields to the current preview.

Odoo 17 Inventory

"Multiple Quantity" should be added to this list. A new field will appear in the window. The item's lowest quantity that you can purchase from the supplier or vendor is indicated by the term "Multiple Quantity." The procurement quantity will be rounded up by the system to the multiple that you enter in this area. For instance, Odoo will use the precise amount if you enter 0.

In the Replenishment window, you can change the trigger preferences, such as Auto or Manual. The Auto and Manual triggers are shown in different windows. To switch from a manual to an automatic trigger, click "Automate Orders." Additionally, you can automatically reorganize stocks by using "Run Scheduler."

Odoo 17 Inventory

Additionally, you may set up reordering rules in Odoo 17 by utilizing the Reordering smart button located in the form view of the relevant product.



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