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The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module in Odoo 17 Community is the most popular for handling lead creation and client acquisition. With this platform, you can efficiently turn leads into opportunities by gathering and organizing leads from various sources. Additionally, these leads may be micromanaged through a single integrated channel. Odoo 17 CRM's integration with other modules, such as Sales and Inventory, guarantees higher output-generating productivity—that is, the conversion of leads into opportunities.

The CRM module's flexibility and rapid accessibility make it easier for the Sales department to perform efficiently. The CRM module allows you to manage and keep an eye on the operations of all departments, including marketing, accounting, management, and so on, because it is closely linked to these areas. One of the vital components of a company that directly influences how it grows is its customer relationship management (CRM) system. Therefore, this module offers a full platform for customer-related processes, which streamlines commercial affairs and enhances productivity. The CRM module in Odoo 17's primary feature is enlisting the contact information, engagement rate, and sales potential of prospects and customers in a corporate organization.

A strong professional relationship between the company and its clients is essential for the firm's commercial prospects to be sustained and advanced. The centralized database of Odoo ERP conveys all critical data to and from the system to streamline the process of developing and controlling these interactions. You may keep a record of your customers and commercial transactions in this section for easy access in the future. The CRM module's operational competency in tracking your communication history with prospects and customers is enhanced by its user-friendly and adaptable interface. Additionally, you may arrange and prepare meetings with prospective clients. Additionally, it helps the sales department import and export pertinent system contact information.

Now let's explore the essential features of the CRM module in the Odoo 17 Community version.

Features of the CRM Module

Customizable Dashboard

The main dashboard of the CRM module displays every lead and opportunity produced in it. This data is available in Kanban, List, Calendar, Pivot, and Graph views. To find and sort the records you're looking for, you may also utilize the Filters and Group By options. This grouping and filtering will save you from having to manually search for and locate certain facts.

Handy Lead and Opportunity Management

Odoo 17 has a fully integrated CRM module for lead creation and administration, allowing you to monitor them in a single window. Relevant information about fresh leads and opportunities may be manually entered into the database. Integrating the CRM module with the other modules in Odoo 17 improve the ease of bulk lead importing. Furthermore, automatic lead entry via website contact integration eliminates human labor and boosts time efficiency.

Scheduling Appointments

The development and growth of your business depend on having a solid working connection with customers. These connections made via frequent encounters assist you in persuading clients of the legitimacy of your offering. The CRM module in Odoo17 makes it simple to set up meetings via phone, video conference, or email with your prospects or customers. Odoo will notify the other party to confirm via a reminder sent by the system or one that is predefined. Additionally, the technology enables you to evaluate the lead's performance and plan the subsequent appointment appropriately.

Integration with the Sales Module

Most CRM module operations are tightly linked to the Sales module, which provides a robust basis for its performance. When a lead is turned into an opportunity, this module has the ability to provide quotes to the interested party. Furthermore, by combining the CRM and Sales modules, it is able to properly handle and track sales orders. This module will help you improve all aspects of sales activity, from generating quotes to taking orders from clients. All of the leads, consumers, and their interactions' specifics will be accessible under one roof. These data will eventually be available to the sales department.

Unique Reporting System

Odoo 17 comes with a lot of modules that have extensive reporting sections that provide your business with accurate data analysis capabilities across the board. This allows you to develop a strategy for improving your company's overall performance. Additionally, you may forecast future trends in your company specialty by analyzing historical data (Forecast). An efficient reporting system also helps the sales and marketing funnel.


The Odoo 17 CRM module provides a framework for prioritizing various operations in the marketing and sales pipeline. As a result, this procedure aids in optimizing sales and successfully achieving your goals.

Promotion of Leads

The CRM module enables you to send automatic emails to your customers. This step has a direct impact on sales operations by maintaining a steady client connection. As a result, you will find it simpler to promote your goods or services and turn leads into chances.

In the following part, we will go over lead management in the CRM module.



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