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Time Off Types

It is necessary to specify the type of time off when submitting a request for time off. The graphic below illustrates how simple the process is for the step beneath the Configuration tab.

Odoo 17 time-off

This section displays the previously created Types of Time Off along with their Display Name, Approved Status, and Work Entry Type. The page is also observable in the Kanban view. Click the New button to create a new Time Off Type. As soon as you select the choice, the window displayed below will appear.

Odoo 17 time-off

Give the Time Off type a name. Indicate who has been permitted to approve the leave request under the Approval option. If validation is not required, it cannot be done by the employee's approver, the time off officer, the employee's approver, or both. Additionally, a double approval permission can be made.

You can find out if the allocation is necessary or not under the Allocation Request Tab. To allow for unlimited requests for time off, the request time can be set to No limitations. It is possible to designate whether an employee's request for extra days is allowed or not.

Odoo 17 time-off

If the Allow Negative Cap is turned on, user requests can exceed the number of days allowed, which would leave a negative balance. Next, indicate in the Amount in Negative the maximum number of negative days that this kind of leave may be taken; this field must have a value of at least one.

You can specify the name of the officer who authorizes the allocation and makes time off requests in the Responsible Time Off Officer field. A full day or half day can be selected for the Take Time Off Type. The setup specifies the order of time for each sort of time off, which is the default.

When this form of time off is accepted, you can activate the Deduct Extra Hours Field to remove additional hours. Likewise, you may also put this time in the supporting documentation upon activating the Allow To Join Supporting Document option. You can select "Absence" or "Working time" under the "Kind of Time Off" option, and you can also enter the name of the company in the designated field.

Odoo 17 time-off

You can enter the Work Entry Type under the PAYROLL Tab. You can choose the project type from the list of available options under the TIMESHEET Tab. It is also possible to set the Task as training, a meeting, or a break. You can now select a specific color and cover image from the list below the Display option. Lastly, "Save" it.

Accrual Plans

As seen in the screenshot below, Accrual Plans is another option in the Configuration Menu.

Odoo 17 time-off

Two primary categories of allocations exist Regular and Accrual. A set amount of leave is given to employees as part of the regular allocation. However, in the event of accrual, the desired amount of leave will be granted based on a certain set of criteria. Our goal is to establish a specific guideline for the automated distribution of leaves.

You will receive the list of accrual plans that are already configured, much like in the image above. Details like Plan Name, Levels, Type of Time Off, and Employees will be given here. We may quickly create a new accrual plan by clicking the New icon.

Odoo 17 time-off

You can assign a name to the accrual plan using the Name option. Bring up the Accrued Gain Time and Carry Over Time next. The accrual period will be calculated using working days rather than calendar days when the "Based on Worked Time" option is chosen.

Odoo 17 time-off

The rules of the accrual plan are now modifiable. To accomplish this, click the New Milestone button. Odoo17 will show you the new pop-up as soon as you click on this button, as seen below.

Odoo 17 time-off

Note the number of hours or days that will be added to the allotted time off for each period in the Employee Accrue box. If the Employee accrue is set to hourly, they added a new field called Source. If the source is set to Calendar, the number of work hours will be determined using the employee calendar and vacation time. If not, the number of hours worked will be ascertained from attendance records. The accumulation starts on the date that is specified to be the allocation start date. You can select how many days, months, or years accrual is applied after in the Milestone Reached box. Next, choose the Carry Over. Once you've added more details, click Save & Close

Public Holidays

There is another option for Public Holidays in the Configuration menu. This is where you may view all of the public holiday records. Setting a new record for public holidays is permitted.

As you can see, the page has information on the holiday, the company, the start and end dates, the working hours, and the type of work entry. Select the New icon to create a type that is similar to it.

Odoo 17 time-off

The holiday's new name, company, start and end dates, working hours, and work entry type can all be added here. In a similar vein, you can list every public holiday observed so far this year. In this case, the public day off will be refunded and canceled if it was made on the same day.

Mandatory Days

You can specify the required days on which employees are not permitted to request leaves under the Mandatory Days option in the Configuration menu. You may quickly make a new one by using the New button.

Odoo 17 time-off

Activity Types

The Activity types option, found under the Configuration menu, allows you to create several activity kinds that can be used to manage employee vacation time. You can view a list of the activity kinds that have previously been configured by selecting this option.

Odoo 17 time-off

This feature will help you control any kind of activity. Name, Default Summary, Planned In, Type, Model, and Icon are among the details you will find here. You can use the New icon to create a new type of activity.

Odoo 17 time-off

You must identify the activity type in the provided window. Next, select any action from the provided drop-down menu under the activity settings. This menu contains choices like None, Upload Document, Phone Call, Meeting, and Reminder. Next, choose any Model from the area given. Next, enter the appropriate information under the Default Summary and Icon option. It is also possible to specify a certain type of decoration. A brief note regarding the activity might be included in the Default note. You can now select Suggest Next Activity or Trigger Next Activity as the Chaining Type under the Next Activity Tab. Enter the desired action in the Suggest area and email template, indicating how many days, weeks, or months you want to give it before deciding. Lastly, "Save" it.



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