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My Time Off

You can better control and manage leave requests with the aid of this tab in the Time Off Module. Controlling every time in the company is quite simple. You can see the pre-configured time-off request in the following image by selecting the My Time Off option from the My Time Off menu in the menu bar.

Odoo 17 time-off

You may see the view in Kanban, List, and Activity as well, as the screenshot illustrates. You can select the filters to view only the pertinent records in the filter option. You will find further information in the already configured Time Off, including the Employee's Name, the Type of Leave, the Leave Description, the Start and End Dates of the Leave, and the Status of the Leave, including approval or rejection. If the management allows you to request a leave of absence, you will have the choice to accept or reject the leave as appropriate.

Odoo 17 time-off

You can select the New button, as seen in the above image, to submit a new leave request. Upon choosing the "New" option, a window will appear requiring you to select the type of time off from a drop-down menu. The possibilities include "Paid Time Off," "Compensatory Days," "Sick Time Off," "Extra Hours," and "Unpaid," among others. The date and length of the leave must be entered below. Next, use the description option to give the reason for the leave. Lastly, select the Save button.

Depending on the situation, the leave may be granted, denied, or designated as a draft. In the Odoo 17 Time Off Module, we submit new leave requests in this manner.

My Allocation

The My Allocation option is the next one on the My Time Off Tab, and it allows you to quickly submit an allocation request to obtain a specific permit for more leaves than what is offered. For example, if a worker has taken two authorized leaves and would like to take three more, he can use the leave allocation feature. It's fairly simple to request a leave of absence using the My Allocation option.

Odoo 17 time-off

You can see all of the leave allocations on the page, just like in the picture above. You will find information on this leave allocation, including the type of time off, the description of the leave, its duration, the allocation type, and the status of the leave request, among other things. The Kanban View will display the page. Click the New button, as shown in the image, to create a new leave allocation.

Odoo 17 time-off

The name of the allocation request, the kind of time off, and the validity period must be entered on this page in the designated spaces. The validity period we enter in the above area will determine how the Duration appears on the screen. There is also a space for you to include the justification for the allocation request. Lastly, select the Confirm icon, which is indicated in the picture above. The status will automatically switch to "To Approve" after that. Thus, the request for a leave of absence can be approved or denied by the company management via the Approval Tab.



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