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Fleet Management

The system used by a firm to oversee and control its fleet of commercial vehicles is known as fleet management. You may manage all processes related to repairs and other maintenance tasks with the aid of this module. You can handle this process with ease if you use Odoo ERP. This module allows you to save data on the number of cars, mileage, driver information, expenses, and fuel used, and it also displays the current status of each vehicle.

You can view every configured vehicle list, including New Request, To Order, Ordered, Registered, Downgraded, Reserve, Waiting List, and so forth, by selecting the Fleet Module. You will be able to create new stages for that specific vehicle by selecting the Add a Column option, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo 17 fleet

You can choose to Fold the stage to Kanban, Edit the stage, Delete, Archive, and Unarchive by clicking on the settings button that appears in each step. Set Automation rules using the settings.

In addition to the Kanban view, you can also see the page in List and Pivot. You may also add a new car either by using the + icon or by using the New button. We can quickly construct new vehicles by selecting the construct icon.

Odoo 17 crm

You can enter the number plate number and the model of the car in the designated spaces on the creation page. You need to enter the future driver's address and name under the DRIVERS Tab. You must enter the date of the vehicle's availability in the Assignment Date field. The absence of a date denotes the vehicle's immediate availability.

If the car can fit in the designated slot, the Chassis Number will be visible under the VEHICLE Menu. Enter the name of the designated employee in the Fleet Manager field. Enter the appropriate info in the fields for Location and Company.

You can select the Horsepower Taxation option beneath the Fiscality option on the Tax Info Tab. The first contract date, the vehicle's worth as listed in the catalog, the purchase value, and the residual value are all required to be provided under the Contract option.

Odoo 17 fleet

Within the Model Tab, you can specify the vehicle's color, model year, and gearbox type under the Model option. You can list the vehicle's horsepower, power in kW, fuel type, CO2 emissions, and CO2 standards beneath the Engine option.

Odoo 17 fleet

You may add a more detailed description of the car under the Notes Tab. Lastly, select the Save icon.

Odoo 17 fleet

You will be able to access several advanced capabilities after saving the details, as shown in the image below. You can find the driver's history under Driver's history. You can access the contracts created for this car by selecting the Contracts option. You can see the service logs assigned to that specific car under the Service option and the vehicle's odometer logs under the Odometer option.

Odoo 17 fleet

These are the actions that need to be taken for the vehicle's contract management.


You can maintain the data and make changes to the vehicles that are already configured by using the Contracts option. As seen below, the option will be accessible through the Fleet Menu.

Odoo 17 crm

The contract name, contract start date, contract expiration date, vehicle name, vendor information, driver, cost for recurring, frequency of recurring costs, and contract status are all listed on this page. The page is visible in Activity, Graphical, Pivot, and Kanban views. Go to the New symbol to create a new contract.

Odoo 17 fleet

You must enter the contract details on the creation page, including the name of the company, the vendor, the reference, the cost of recurring, the type of cost that is purchased using this type, and the employee who is in charge. To ensure that the price is paid just once during the establishment of the contract and that the recurring cost is also included, the cost of activation can be entered in the Cost of Activation field. You can describe the car and the driver under the Vehicle Information Tab.

Odoo 17 fleet

It is simple to add additional contract-based information underneath the Terms and Conditions option. Lastly, select the Close Contract menu item.


Using the Service option offered in the Fleet management module, the vehicle's services can be viewed and adjusted. As seen in the illustration below, the Fleet Menu will have the Service option available to you.

Odoo 17 fleet

This is where you will see all of the previously created services, along with their specifics, like the service date, description, type of service needed, vehicle name, driver name, vendor, additional notes, and current service status. The page is displayed in graphical, list, pivot, and kanban views. Go to the New button to perform a new service on the car.

Odoo 17 fleet

You can provide specifics on the service creation page, including the type of service, the name of the vehicle, the driver, the date of execution of the cost, the vendor, and the odometer value. You can provide information on the vehicle's service underneath the Notes tab. Lastly, click the "Save" button.


You can record the reading of the vehicle's meter by using the Odometer option found in the Fleet Menu.

Odoo 17 fleet

You may find details on the page, like the date, the name of the car, the driver's name, the odometer value, and the unit. You only need to click the New icon and provide the required data to create this kind of odometer record.


The Manufacturers option, found in the Configuration menu, aids in creating new manufacturers or brands for automobiles. The page will display the manufacturers who have already been created, as indicated below.

Odoo 17 fleet

Using the New icon on the provided page to create a new brand is quite simple. You can enter some info on the creation page.

Odoo 17 fleet

You only need to provide the manufacturer's name and an image of the brand in this case. Lastly, select the Save icon.

Models & Model Category


The possibility of creating different models of the same brand can be found in the Configuration menu. You will find a variety of models along with their brands on this page.

Odoo 17 fleet

Details like the manufacturer, model name, vehicle category, and type of vehicle will all be provided on this page. Sorting options according to criteria can be accomplished by using the Filters and Group By options. Go to the New icon to build a new car model.

Odoo 17 fleet

Please include the name of the vehicle model, the name of the manufacturer, the vehicle type, and the category on this page.

The model and engine specifications can be added under the Information Tab. That is, you can specify the vehicle's color, year of manufacture, number of doors, and seats under the model option. Next, activate the Trailer Hitch feature as well.

Odoo 17 fleet

Enter the fuel type, vehicle gearbox, standard CO2 emissions, horsepower, power, and, lastly, taxation of horsepower under the Engine menu.

Odoo 17 fleet

The add icon under the Vendors page allows you to add the vendor for that specific car. Next, select the Save icon.

Model Category

The Configuration menu's model category option can be used to add the category of the chosen module of the car. You will find pre-made model categories for the car on this page.

Odoo 17 fleet

You can quickly add a new category to the list that has already been generated by choosing the New option.

Service Types

You can create and manage services under the Configuration menu by using fleet management. You may see a list of previously created service types on this page.

Odoo 17 crm

You will find the name and category on the page. Click the New icon to make one that is comparable.

Odoo 17 fleet

The category and service type are simple to put on the following line. Lastly, select the Save icon.

Vehicle Status

You will be able to identify different stages for individual vehicles under Fleet management so you can comprehend the actions taken on them. You can find the vehicle's many stages under the Configuration menu.

Odoo 17 fleet

You can find information here on the vehicle's state and other characteristics. Then, to add a new status, select the New icon. You can update the vehicle's status by clicking the new line. Next, select the "Save" icon.


It is possible to search using tags. Thus, through the Configuration menu, the tags may be seen and configured. Color and tag names are displayed. Click the New button to add a new tag. To add the new tag name, add a new line under the list.

Odoo 17 fleet

Activity Types

The Configuration menu displays all of the set Activity kinds. The list displays the activity name, type model, planned in days, default summary, and icon. Tap the New icon to add a new kind of activity.

Odoo 17 fleet


You can quickly create reports on the amount of money spent on services and different contracts by using the Fleet module's Reporting option to analyze the management of the fleet module. Using the page's graphical representation, this option allows for an efficient type of research.

Odoo 17 fleet

You may find some measurements here, including Count and Cost. By activating the indicated icon located in the rightmost area of the page, users can view the page in both the pivot and graphical views. Fitters and Group By are useful for sorting options and creating corresponding confidential reports. The date is shown on the X-axis, the same as in the illustration, and the cost is shown on the Y-axis.

After thoroughly reviewing the many features and capabilities of the fleet module thus far, we are aware that we can utilize it to manage the fleet efficiently and without wasting any time. We discovered that this module may solve the fleet operations problems for the company. It's a useful area for managing contracts, vehicle insurance, fees associated with the vehicle, various tasks, fuel statistics, and much more. If a module of this kind is available, no external tracking of the car is needed. You can use the module to manage all of the actions here with only a few clicks. You may combine this module with the other relevant modules—employees, expenses, projects, and websites—with the aid of Odoo 17. Thus, it is quite beneficial to the business.



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