SALES MODULE - Odoo 17 Community Book

The Sales module in Odoo 17 manages sales transactions in a corporate company collaboratively. It works with the CRM module's features to produce a unified and easily accessible output. You may strategically trigger sales orders from quotes generated from leads and prospects in Odoo CRM. This intersection shows that the Sales and CRM modules work in tandem.

Since a successful company endeavor depends on a well-functioning sales department, a sophisticated module created only for recording its activities and workflow increases the ease of sales management. The Odoo 17 Sales module includes several options for setting priorities for customer satisfaction when organizing sales orders and bids. You may also increase your chances of making sales by getting orders from qualified opportunities. Let us discuss some critical features of the Sales module.

Features of the Sales Module in Odoo 17

Futuristic User Interface

Odoo's robust user interface enables quick access to all capabilities in the Sales module. This feature, in turn, stimulates the dynamism of the system's overall performance by allowing salespeople to collect and monitor the necessary data. Additionally, the dashboard of each part shows accurate but thorough data from their records.

Minimize Data Entry

When a quotation or opportunity qualifies for the following level, you may easily generate a sales order from it. This function eliminates the need to manually enter data when producing sales orders.

Initiate Sales Warning

Initiating sales warnings alerts you to a certain product or the customer. You may perhaps prevent bad business deals this way, which would ultimately be advantageous for your organization.

Advanced Quotation Building System

Odoo effectively detangles the process of establishing a new quotation in the Sales module. With a pre-configured pricing list and product list, you can quickly generate a quotation. In order to create professionalism, you may also customize your quotation template, which you can save and use again.

Upselling to Increase Profit

Upselling aims to increase profitability by proposing related items, providing discounts and coupons, and so on. These methods are considered effective in retaining consumers and encouraging them to make more purchases.

Effective Sales Order and Contract Management

Odoo 17's Sales module efficiently handles all generated sales orders. The process of turning a quote into a sales order and then creating an invoice may be readily observed. This approach makes it easy to handle invoices and manage customer payments.

Effortless Communication with Customers

Odoo assists your organization in maintaining strong professional contact with its clients. Salespeople may set up appointments with customers to strengthen their relationships and explore commercial opportunities. To send your clients, you may also set up a personalized email template with your products.

Predefined Product and Price List

Odoo helps your business stay in close, professional contact with its clients. Salespeople can schedule meetings with clients to deepen their bonds and look into business ventures. You can also create a personalized email template with your items to send to the customers you serve.


The Sales module's Configuration menu includes numerous options for constructing product lists. It's also now easy to define product variations and modify attributes like color and size. Furthermore, you might provide discounts on certain things. With the enhanced Sales module, You can create product price lists and incentive coupons.

Now we'll look at product management and setup in the Odoo 17 Sales module.



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