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Lunch Management

There is no denying that a company's success is greatly influenced by its workforce. For the business to achieve its pinnacle, their efforts must be very significant. Thus, a healthy environment is essential for them. They need to have engaging and healthful leisure time to keep their minds calm. The purpose of the Odoo 17 Lunch Module is to make your free time enjoyable. Employees who work for the corporation are entitled to a nutritious lunch. You can arrange your favorites in this module, which is one of its appealing characteristics.

You can designate your food suppliers and the goods they provide. Ordering any meal you like from the provided menu is quite simple. They can pay the money for the food item using the account balance. You will be presented with a list of previously made food lists after choosing the module.

Odoo 17 lunch

As you can see, the list of food products, together with the employee's name and address, is viewable on this page. On the page, you can also view the account balance. The page is also available to view in List and Kanban views. You will find the name of the food item and its price in each product. To get in touch with the merchant, you may also view their phone. You can add cuisine to your favorite list by using the star symbol on the left.

Food that is available every day will be supplied using the Filters. A panel listing the many types of food items and merchants is visible on the left. To find out more information about any of the food, you can choose it. You will receive the meal that the vendor offers after choosing a certain vendor. Let's examine the lunch module's product management process.

My Order

You can see the ordered summary from the My Lunch menu by opening the My Order window. Here, you may also control the order.

Odoo 17 lunch

You can choose a date, and the order will be made on that day. You will find information in the provided list, including the Ordered date, Vendor details, Product, Extras, Notes, User, Lunch Location, Food Price, and Company, in that order. Options such as Re-Order and Send Notification may be available.

The sorting choices can be customized by using the Filters and Group By options.

My Account History

You may view the history of orders placed using your account balance under My Account History. This page will provide a history of all of our orders as well as the total amount we have spent.

Odoo 17 lunch


The manager has a place to oversee all business orders as well as each employee's lunch account. The manager can view the order for today, manage the vendor, oversee the account, and watch the cash movements all from one page.

Odoo 17 lunch

Today’s Orders

You can view all of the employee orders placed on that specific day by going to Today's Order. You will find information on the page about the order date, the vendor, the product, extras, notes, the user, the lunch location, the product price, the status, and the company. This is where the manager can view all of the orders.

Odoo 17 lunch

Control Vendors

You can see all of the information about the orders placed by employees with different vendors by selecting the Control Vendors option. You can choose any individual product from the merchant to obtain the specifics.

Odoo 17 lunch

Control Accounts

You can review each employee's account using the Manage menu's Control Accounts option. You will find all of the employee accounts' details on this page. You may quickly see an employee's orders and account balance by selecting that specific employee.

Odoo 17 lunch

Cash Moves

You can monitor and control the cash moves by using the Cash Moves option found in the Manger menu. It serves as a record of every cash movement. You can see all cash movement records in this window, along with the Date, User, Item Description, and Item Amount.

Odoo 17 lunch

You can use the New button to create a new record.

Odoo 17 lunch

You will find the fields to enter the User's name, Date, Amount, and Cash Move description in the Creation box. Lastly, click the "Save" button.


Vendor details must be included in the product's information. Odoo 17 Lunch has a setting under the Configuration menu for that.

Odoo 17 lunch

You can view all of the available merchants' details in the window. The page is also available to view in List view and Kanban view. The vendor's information consists of their name, email address, address, and phone number. You can choose the New button to start a new one.

Odoo 17 lunch

You are required to enter the vendor's name on this page. In the designated box, you can also provide the company name, address, phone number, and email.

The vendor's available day might be mentioned in the AVAILABILITY Tab. You can choose the Delivery option in the ORDERS Tab to have the food delivered along with the destination. The order is to be sent to the phone number or email address you specify.

Odoo 17 lunch

You can specify more products and their quantity under the Extra label option. Lastly, select the Save icon.


A company may have multiple offices and branches. Orders must include the lunch location for the caterer to deliver meals promptly.

The Location option is located here, under the Lunch module's Configuration menu. The Company, Address, and Location Name will be shown on the list. You may add the specifics of the new lunch spot by clicking the New button.

Odoo 17 lunch

The list of available sites will be followed by a new line. Here, in the appropriate areas, is where you can enter the lunch location information. Store the location.


In the Odoo 17 Lunch Module, adding new food items is simple. To do that, select the Configuration Menu and look for the Products option below.

Odoo 17 lunch

This is a list of every product that has been produced. On the left side of the page, there are categories. Another display option is the Kanban view. You may find the product name, category, vendor, company, product description, and price in the provided list. Using the Edit icon, you may select any product on the list to make more adjustments. Click the New button to start creating a new product.

Odoo 17 lunch

You can enter the product's name on this page. Choose the product category and vendor from the supplied list. You can enter the product type's pricing in the designated space. You can specify the product's expiration date in the New Until field. Next, mention the firm name as well. You can provide more details about the product below the description. You can also include product photos in the designated area. Lastly, "Save" it.

Product Category

Let's now see how to use the Odoo Lunch Module to add a new product category. You will find the Product Category option in the Configuration menu.

Odoo 17 lunch

You will see a list of previously created product categories on this page. Now, select the New button, as seen in the figure above, to create a comparable type. You must fill out the creation window with the required data.

Odoo 17 lunch

This is where you have to name the product category and enter the name of the company. Additionally, there is room for you to attach an image for the same. Lastly, select the Save option to include it in the current product category list.


You can set up reminders to be reminded to place the order by using the Lunch Alerts feature. To prevent delivery delays, this option would be highly beneficial. This choice will ensure that the orders are placed on schedule. The Configuration menu will provide the option.

Odoo 17 lunch

All of the previously produced alerts are visible in the window. The alert's name, type, whether it is displayed today, and active status are among the details. You can quickly and easily create a new lunch alert by using the New icon.

Odoo 17 lunch

Here, you must provide the Alert's name. Show it as a chat notification or as an alert within the app. In the Show Until section, indicate the location and date. The alarm is activated when touching the Active icon. The day that the alert should be sent out can then be labeled. Fill in the message field with a Message as well. Lastly, select Save the alert.


The maximum overdraft that an employee is permitted to make is specified in the Lunch Settings. You also have a say in whether or not to send messages via a reception notification upon order delivery.

Odoo 17 lunch

As you can see, Lunch modules readily allow employees to place orders depending on their preferences and control activities around their lunch breaks.



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