Deferred Management - Odoo 17 Enterprise Book

Deferred Management

In Odoo 17 there added some changes in Deferred management.

Deferred revenue

Deferred revenue is the amount customers were paid in advance for goods or services that were never delivered or finished. Since this money is still being received and not yet completed providing service, it cannot be reported in your income account. Revenue or income will not become the status till the delivery or service is complete. This sum is a liability that can be reported.

In Odoo 17 the users can directly create Deferred Revenue from the invoice.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Add the product, quantity and price. So it's also possible to add a start date and end date in the Invoice lines. Which is similar to an ordinary invoice. So Confirm the invoice. Then the deferred entries will be automatically generated.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Open the smart tab Deferred Entries to view the created journal entries.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Deferred Revenue Report

The generated deferred revenue data can be viewed by the user through the deferred revenue reports. This is the $20k invoice that was created. With effect, the first depreciation entry is produced. The report also displays the remaining balance.

Odoo 17 Accounting

The report is available for download in XLSX and PDF formats. The report has choices for filtering, comparing, and other things.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Deferred Expense

Prepayments that have previously been made before using or getting the goods or services are known as deferred costs. For the business, these expenses are viewed as long-term assets. The Odoo Accounting module allows you to keep track of these postponed costs. The form and configuration of deferred expense are identical to those of delayed revenue, as we have covered in the previous section.

The vendor bill can be used to establish a deferred expense. Put the product, quantity, and amount in now. The invoice line has to include the start and finish dates. The Deferred Entries will be generated upon the bill's confirmation. which the smart tab allows you to view.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Here all the entries will be posted automatically on the accounting date.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Deferred Expense Report

The related reports on the generated deferred expenses will be displayed in the deferred expense report. Here too are the choices for searching and filtering. Which, as previously said, is comparable.

Odoo 17 Accounting


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