Depending on their line of work, each company offers a variety of items to customers. The Odoo 17 Quality module makes it simple to safeguard the details of each product in your company. Product Variants, Products, and Lot/Serial Numbers are defined on the product tab of the Odoo 17 Quality module. Select the Products menu from the Products tab to purchase every item offered by your business. We may see information about each product, including its price, number of units in stock, internal reference, etc., on the Kanban view. By selecting a certain product from the Products window, the user can see the complete details. After clicking the New icon, you can describe new product information.

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You can access a variety of a company's product versions by choosing the Product Versions option under the Products tab.

Product variants

Product variants are distinct characteristics of a master product, including material, cost, color, and other qualities. For instance, a stool is made up of various alternative values in hues like gray, dark blue, red, etc. In the Product Variants pane, we may get all variant values for a given item. Select the New icon to create a new variant value for a product.

Odoo 17 inventory
Lots/Serial Numbers

Lots/serial numbers are identification numbers assigned to products at the time of manufacturing. Each product in a corporation has a special number that distinguishes it from other products. A user can access all created serial numbers for items in a company by choosing the Lot/Serial Numbers menu under the items tab. Each commodity's lot/serial number information, including Product, Company, Created Date, etc., is accessible to users. A new lot or serial number can be assigned for a product by clicking the New button.

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Enter a distinctive product number in the Lots/Serial Number box on the presented screen. Enter the product in the Product section that your lot or serial number contains. In the Quantity option, you may also input the units for your particular product.

Odoo 17 inventory

If the reference number differs from the batches or serial numbers used by the manufacturer, users might request it. Select your company's name in the Company section after adding the Internal reference number.

In the Description tab, you may add further details about product batches and serial numbers. The Location smart menu also provides a recent stock-level overview of the product.

Odoo 17 inventory

The Traceability smart menu gives access to the operation report based on the product serial number. In Odoo 17, every piece of information pertaining to serial numbers is manually saved.



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