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To improve the rapport between the staff members and the employees of the organization, specific meetings and decisions must be made. For these kinds of gatherings, meticulous activity scheduling and preparation are crucial. These kinds of gatherings assist you in conducting meetings in a company effectively for the organization's growth. The Odoo17 software has a calendar module that assists you in setting up both internal and external meetings with proper structure. You can complete the procedure in a single step.

You will find both created and planned meetings for different days of the month on the calendar module's main page. Go to a certain day and find out the scheduled meeting for that specific date if you're interested in knowing the meetings for that specific day.

Odoo 17 calendar

Those who are planning to attend the scheduled meeting are listed on the left side of the page. Using the given plus icon, you can introduce additional attendees to the meeting. By selecting the specific meeting that you need additional information about, you will be able to understand further specifics about it.

Odoo 17 calendar

You will receive additional information when selecting a specific meeting, including the meeting's description, privacy policies, and associated tags. If you need to make any additional edits to the meeting that is planned for that specific date, you can use the Edit icon.

Simply go to the specific day that the meeting must be scheduled in order to create a meeting of that kind. You will be presented with a window after choosing a date, on which you must provide the following information.

Odoo 17 calendar

You can fill in the space provided for the meeting's topic in this little window. After that, select the edit icon that is displayed in the window to see the page, which is depicted in the screenshot below.

Odoo 17 calendar

You can supply some data by using the Meeting details and Options page after supplying the meeting's subject. You can enter the meeting's start and end dates in the designated box under the Meeting Details option. The meeting's duration can be specified in the designated area. If the meeting needs to be booked for each day of the week, the All Day option can be activated. In the designated fields, you can name the host and give an outline of the meeting you plan to book. The options for email and SMS make it easier for you to notify folks who will be attending the meeting. Reminders can be maintained, the meeting location can be specified, a video call URL can be added, and Odoo17 meetings can be added. You can add related tags to the area that is supplied.

If the meeting needs to be repeated at a specific time period, you can activate the recurrent option under the Options tab.

Odoo 17 calendar

This is where you may set the meeting's privacy setting to either Public or Private. If necessary, the participants' status can likewise be changed to Busy. To access the details of the people attending the meeting, you now have an Invitation tab.

As you can see, there is an area to enter the participants' names, email addresses, and phone numbers under the Invitation option. You will be informed whether the invitation has been accepted, declined, or needs further action. Lastly, select the Save icon. Additionally, the Add icon on the main page can be used to schedule a meeting. Additionally, you can link your calendar to Google.

You can do that by connecting to Google through the calendar module's main page.

Odoo 17 calendar

You can designate it as Google or Outlook here. You can synchronize the calendar with the Google Calendar by using this option. The client secret and client ID are available. Next, select the "Connect" option. in order for you to connect to the Google Calendar.

Using the Calendar module of the Odoo17 ERP, you can easily set up online appointments depending on the availability of clients and employees inside the company. After installing the Odoo 17 Appointment module, controlling and managing the appointments is easy. Check out the following link to learn more about the Odoo 17 Appointment.



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