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Converting Leads into Opportunities

With the aid of the Odoo 17 CRM module, we covered all of the lead generation options. We will now talk about how leads are turned into opportunities. Since the CRM module was introduced, generating new leads has become simple. Once the clients respond favorably, you may quickly turn these leads into lucrative prospects with only a few clicks. Using the CRM module, you can turn a lead into an opportunity if the conditions are acceptable to both sides. Depending on the level of interest the customer expresses in your company, you may be able to turn a lead directly into a sales quotation in some circumstances.

You can choose a lead from the Leads menu to turn into an opportunity. Using the NEW button, you can also generate a new lead that you can subsequently turn into an opportunity.

Odoo 17 crm

As seen in the screenshot above, we choose a pre-generated lead from the provided list in this instance. Options like Convert To Opportunity, Enrich, Lost, and Convert To Ticket buttons will be available to you.

You can click the Lost button, and a new popup will appear. Add Lost Reason in the field. Then click on the Mark as Lost button.

Odoo 17 crm

The lead will go to the stage of loss. The lead will grow thanks to the Lost ribbon. The lead can go back to the previous stage by clicking the Restore button.

Odoo 17 crm

Clicking the Convert to Ticket option opens a second popup window that can be used to turn the lead into an event ticket. After selecting the Team, Ticket type, and Customer, click the Create Ticket button

Odoo 17 crm

You can click the Convert To Opportunity button to turn this lead into an opportunity. When you click on this button, information about the opportunity will be provided in a pop-up.

Odoo 17 crm

Conversion Action must be chosen from the available alternatives. This lead may be turned into an opportunity or combined with other opportunities. If you choose the option to combine this lead with current possibilities, you will see a new area where you may list the existing chances you wish to combine it with.

By entering their names in the appropriate fields, you can assign this opportunity to a certain salesperson and sales team. If you choose the Convert to Opportunity option for the Conversion Action, you will be presented with a field to specify how to generate a new customer record from this lead. According to your needs, you can create a new client, connect to an existing customer, or omit the connection. Utilize the Create Opportunity button to finish.

As seen in the aforementioned graphic, the lead has now been transformed into a fresh opportunity. Based on the customer's desire, you may now turn this opportunity into a new sales quotation.

Odoo 17 crm

Recurring Revenue is a part of a business's revenue that is anticipated to persist into the future. The opportunity itself may include a statement of the Expected Revenue. Probability then expresses the opportunity's success rate as a percentage. As Expected Closing Date, you can include an approximation of the date that the opportunity will be won.

Odoo 17 added a new feature called timeline. A new time indicator has been added to the stage, indicating the duration of the lead's stay in this specific stage. This indicates that the lead has been in the new stage for the last four minutes, as indicated by the 4m here.

Odoo 17 crm

Let's talk about the conversion of a sales quotation from an opportunity now that we have covered the conversion of an opportunity from a lead.



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