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The requirement for having an effective team of people to oversee all sales-related operations inside a firm is very significant. You can build numerous effective teams of responsible people to oversee your sales programs and, therefore, increase sales with the aid of the Odoo 17 Sales module. The CRM module also has configuration options for the sales staff. Both the Sales and CRM modules use a similar mechanism for configuring sales teams. You can access the platform illustrated below to build and manage sales teams by selecting the Sales Teams option under the Configuration menu of the Sales module.

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On this platform, you may view the already-configured sales teams, together with information about the team's Name, Alias, Team Leader, and Company.

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You can easily form a new team to oversee your sales operations by using the form button.

You can enter a suitable team name in the Sales Team section of the new sales team configuration window. If you want to give quotations to your customers rather than immediately confirming sales orders, you can do so by checking the Quotations box. To handle a pre-sales process with opportunities, tick the Pipeline box. Incoming inquiries can be filtered and qualified as leads by checking the Leads box before being turned into opportunities and given to a salesman.

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You can designate a worker as the Team Leader in the section titled "Team Details." Then, in the provided field, configure a custom domain to be used as your email alias. Depending on the option you choose in the Accept Emails From section, this sales team can accept emails from Everyone, Authenticated Partners, Followers only, or Authenticated Employees. The relevant field can be used to specify the Company associated with the sales team. You can choose the monthly revenue objective in the invoicing target box.

You can add team members by clicking the Add button under the Members tab.

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As soon as you click the Add button, a new wizard will appear, as seen in the image below.

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Members of your team can be chosen from this window. The new sales team will be saved to your system after additional members are added.

A separate platform, accessible through the Orders menu, allows for the management of any Sales Teams setup in the Odoo 17 Sales module.

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All sales teams will be shown on this platform in a structured manner. From the preview itself, you may learn how many opportunities, quotes, sales orders, orders to invoice, leads, and other sales-related procedures are handled by each sales team.

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The Sales Analysis button will take you to a new window where you can view the selected group's sales analysis report. This report can be used to evaluate the team's performance based on a number of factors.

You can access more sophisticated choices to manage the sales operations by clicking on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of each sales team.

Odoo 16 inventory

You can choose to view the Opportunities, Quotations, Sales Orders, and Invoices that this sales team is in charge of here. Similar options are available from this menu to generate new Opportunities and Quotations. The options to create reports for the Opportunities, Quotations, Sales, Invoices, and Activities managed by this specific team are available in the Reporting field. Each sales team has these choices available in the Kanban view.

Let's move on to creating sales quotations in the Sales module after organizing sales teams.



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