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With its distinct interface and foundation, Odoo17, a comprehensive suite of business tools, provides you with an advanced website builder. The multifunctional, open-source Odoo17 website builder module gives you insight into handling all of the tasks involved in running an online store and managing websites. The flawless real-time integration feature of this module links the platform to every other module. The platform's multipurpose characteristics make it simple to manage every task and necessity. They also make it ideal for a variety of purposes, including building websites, eCommerce sites, customer portals, job portals, HR recruitment portals, and many more.

For your business, you may easily develop and modify websites. Additionally, the platform is specifically designed to build, administer, and design in accordance with your company's needs and standards. The unique platform provides usability from the front end as well as the back end. The modifications made on either end will be instantly recognized by the other.

Due to the numerous advantages, online and eCommerce platforms have become the preferred means of conducting business and shopping. The best course of action for a prosperous business is to sell goods online through a distinctive and well-run online store. Compared to typical business operations, the eCommerce platform in Odoo17 enables you to handle all online sales processes significantly more effectively. When searching for a reliable website and eCommerce system, businesspeople strongly recommend the Odoo17 website and platform. This chapter will go into great detail about every facet of the Odoo 17 eCommerce module and website.

Installing the Odoo 17 module into your database is necessary if you wish to use the Website module.

Odoo 17 inventory

You may now access the module by clicking on the Website icon. The module's home dashboard image is seen below.

Odoo 17 inventory

The eCommerce dashboard, as seen in the above image, will be displayed on the Odoo17 Website module's home dashboard window. Make sure your system has the eCommerce module loaded as well.



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