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Any type of business needs reports to understand how operations are progressing and to analyze workflow. A clearly defined reporting platform will streamline the analysis process and assist you in making decisions under pressure-filled circumstances. Reports are crucial for gaining insight into the real-time management of finances in the context of internal financial activities within a corporation. We will go into detail about the reporting options provided by the Odoo Accounting module in this section.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet report gives the user access to information about an organization's asset, liability, and equity at one time. By utilizing the additional functionalities provided by Odoo, you may produce customized reports. By choosing that date on the small calendar icon shown on the screen, it is able to obtain the balance sheet for that specific date.

Odoo 17 Accounting

The Comparison tool can be used to compare the reports to the prior timeframe. You can choose a specific journal from the Journals option if you want the balance sheet report for that specific journal. You will also have access to some sophisticated filters that will allow you to order the accessible data in accordance with your needs.

Hidelines at '0' is a new filter that Odoo 17 introduced. This specific filter can be used to hide a line in a report that has a value of zero.

Odoo 17 Accounting

An 'i' will appear at the end of each reporting line as shown in the figure below after the developer mode is activated.

Odoo 17 Accounting

This option will display the reporting line's corresponding calculation formula.

You can change the data's format by choosing the PDF and XLSX choices. You will find a Save button in the Odoo17 Reporting platform to export the document as a PDF or XLSX to the Document module in Odoo17. A pop-up window similar to the one below will appear when you click the Save button.

Odoo 17 Accounting

You can specify the file's document format in the Export to area. Either PDF or XLSX are acceptable. The produced document's name will be displayed in the window. Select the destination folder for this document file, then click the Export button.

Profit & Loss

The most crucial aspect of financial reporting is the reports of income statements. You may find the organization's revenue, costs, profit, and loss for a specific time period in the Profit & Loss reporting platform. Unlike the balance sheet, the ending balance of the profit and loss report for the chosen time period will not be carried over to the following accounting period.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Cash Flow Statement

The financial statement for all cash inflows and outflows will be provided by the cash flow statement reporting. The accounts you set up for the cash flow statement invoice will be the basis for these reports. You will receive reports on the cash flow statement based on operating, investment, and financial operations.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Executive Summary

The cash flow, profitability, and balance sheet reports for a specific period are summarized on the Executive Summary platform, which is accessible from the Reporting menu. The Performance tab also provides information on Return on Investment, Gross Profit Margin, and Net Profit Margin. You may view the Average Debtors Day, Average Creditors Days, Short Term Cash Forecast, and Current Assets to Liabilities under the Position tab.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Tax Reports

The Tax Reports platform, which is accessible via the Reporting menu, may produce thorough reports on sales and purchase taxes. You can submit the return tax for the chosen period using the Closing Entry option.

Odoo 17 Accounting

General Ledger

For a chosen time period, the General Ledger reports will provide all transaction reports from all accounts set up in your system. You may see each account's Date, Communication, Partner, Currency, Debit, Credit, and Balance in addition to the account name. It keeps track of all of your organization's financial transactions over the course of a fiscal year.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Trial Balance

The outcomes of all accounting entries filed through various journals are displayed in a trial balance, an accounting report. The organization's financial year ends are mostly when the trial balance reports are produced. These reports are employed in the auditing process. The report displays the credit and debit information from the initial balance, chosen month/year, and final balance of the journal entries, as seen in the image below.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Journal Report

The Journal Reports platform can be used to generate accounting reports for the numerous journals that have been configured in your Accounting module. You will receive a report of the matching journal entries under each journal, along with information on the Name, Account, Label, Debit, and Credit.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Partner Ledger

The Partner Ledger reporting platform allows users to view a report of the partners' receivable and payable journal entries. During the chosen time period, it displays the partners' Journal, Account, Reference, Due Date, Matching Number, Debit, Credit, Amount, Currency, and Balance. You can utilize the Reconcile button on the report to match up the accounts of the partners.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Aged Receivable

You can obtain reports of the aged partner receivable balances as of the chosen date using the Aged Receivable platform in the Reporting menu. These are the reports on the outstanding invoices. The payment will fall under the category of Aged Receivables if the customer does not pay the invoice even after the days specified in the payment terms. The report displays the Due Date, Amount, Currency, Account, Expected Date, Receivable Amount At Date, Older, and Total as seen in the screenshot below.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Aged Payable

The Aged Payable platform displays delayed payment reports similarly to the Aged Receivable platform. These postponed payments are supposed to be sent by your business to the appropriate partners prior to the due date. The Aged Payable report in Odoo17 Accounting will include any invoices that your business failed to pay by the due date specified in the payment terms.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Invoice Analysis

You can view the company's invoice reports for the chosen accounting period by choosing the Invoice Analysis option from the Reporting menu. You have the option of creating the report in graphical or pivot table format. The measures that are displayed on this window are the Average Price, Product Quantity, Total, Untaxed Total, and Count. My Invoice, To Invoice, and Customer, Vendor, Invoice, Credit Notes, Invoice Date, and Due Date are the basic filters that are available. The customization feature will enable you to design unique filters for analyzing invoices.

Odoo 17 Accounting

Based on the salesperson, sales team, partner, product category, status, company, date, and due date, you can organize the bills into different groups.

Analytic Accounting

An analytical accounting report aids in the analysis, interpretation, and generation of reports for the company's accounting documents. Reinvoicing will be supported, and cost management assistance will be provided for all analysis and report production tasks based on the chart of accounts.

Odoo 17 Accounting

The reports contain different views like Pivot view, list view, kanban view, graph view, grid view.

Unrealized Currency Gains/Losses

The Unrealized Currency Gains/Losses platform under the Reporting menu will provide you a report of all open accounts on your balance sheet that require another evaluation. Depending on the currency used in each account, the reports will be grouped. The Balance in Foreign Currency, Balance at Operation Rate, Balance at Current Rate, and Adjustment information are displayed. The Adjustment Entry button can be used to make any necessary revisions to the entries.

Odoo 17 Accounting

The Balance in Foreign Currency displays the amount deducted from the bill or invoice. You will find the amount that was calculated at the moment you got the bill in the Balance at Operation Rate. The Balance at Current Rate field displays the amount's current value at the moment the report was generated. To update the financial reports with the most recent data, the amount mentioned in the Adjustment column should be added to the accounting. You can change the exchange rate appropriately by using the Exchange Rates function.

You can use the Adjustment Entry button to make adjustments.

Product Margin

The user can analyze the sales product specifics with the aid of the product margin report. A popup window will come up as indicated below when selecting the Product Margin report from Reports. In order to generate reports, add the from and to dates. The user can then choose his invoices' invoice state. Next, select the Open Margin option.

Odoo 17 Accounting

The required report will then start to be produced. The name of the product, internal reference, average sales, amount invoiced, turnover, sales gap, total cost, amount purchased, total margin, anticipated margin, total margin rate, and the percentage of the expected margin.

Odoo 17 Accounting


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