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You can set the owner of stored items in your inventory using the Consignment option found under the Settings menu. Although the product will be offered by the shop, the supplier will really own the item up until it is purchased by a customer. This strategy makes it simple to return unsold goods to the vendors. In the case of consignment, the retailers are not required to maintain a continuous inventory.

Odoo 16 inventory

You can enable the Consignment option under the Settings module's Traceability tab. You can use this feature to give each item you receive an owner when you add it to your inventory. Let's make a receipt for the stock that was consigned and give it a new owner.

You can include the consignee's name in the Assign Owner area while creating the receipt. Using the Add a Line button in the Operations page, you can specify the consignment stock and its quantity. Here, Anita Oliver has been designated as the product's consignee. Anita Oliver received 35 units of the product from us. Clicking the Validate button is an option. The Customizable Desk in 35 units has been delivered to Anita Oliver.

Odoo 16 inventory

There are now 78 quantities of the product on hand, as shown by the Stock report under the Reporting menu.

Odoo 16 inventory

The Moves History report and consignment information can be viewed in detail. The consignee's name will appear in the From Owner column. We may deduce from this information that Anita Oliver oversees the management of 35 quantities of the product. Odoo17 allocates owners to accepted products in this manner.

Advanced Scheduling

Odoo17 provides an Advanced Scheduling option in the Inventory module, which can be accessible from the Settings menu, for scheduling various tasks. You can use this feature to make sure you have adequate time to prepare tasks relating to the product.

Odoo 16 inventory

By turning on the Security Lead Time for Sales option, deliveries can be scheduled earlier to avoid delays. Here, you can choose a margin that will be used on the anticipated delivery date. To account for unanticipated supply chain delays, the product will be scheduled for procurement and delivery a certain number of days before the actual promised delivery date. To avoid delays, you can schedule requests for quotations sooner by turning on the Security Lead Time for Purchase option. Set the margin, and the vendor lead time will reflect it. To account for an unforeseen vendor delay, buy orders for restocking products will be generated by the system and scheduled for particular days before the days specified in the margin.

You can specify the number of days that must pass before a purchase order is confirmed in the Days to Purchase box.



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