Product Categories - Odoo 17 Enterprise Book

Product Categories

In Odoo, related products are grouped and categorized together using product categories. Thus, the Configuration tab has the Product categories option. It lists every category of products.

Odoo 17 Accounting

By clicking the New button, you may add a new product category or can update the ones that already exist.

Odoo 17 Accounting

In the Accounting Properties section, you may enter the data for the Income Account and Expense Account in the appropriate fields. The income account will be used to validate a vendor bill and the expense account will be utilized to confirm a customer invoice.

You can select "Manual" or "Automated" inventory valuation for a product category based on your needs. When manual inventory valuation is used, the accounting documents needed to value the inventory are not automatically posted. An accounting record is automatically created as part of automated inventory valuation to value the inventory whenever a product enters or leaves the company. After selecting Automated Inventory Valuation, an additional tab labeled Account Stock Properties will appear on the screen. This tab includes

  • Stock Valuation Account: When automatic inventory valuation is turned on for a product, the current value of the products will be kept in this account.
  • Stock Journal: When processing stock moves as part of automated inventory valuation, entries will be automatically published into the stock journal.
  • Stock Input Account: All incoming stock changes will have equivalent journal items written in this account unless a special valuation account is created on the source site. This is the default configuration for every item in this category. Furthermore, it is directly configurable on every product.
  • Stock Output Account: When executing automatic inventory valuation, relevant journal items for all departing stock moves will be posted in this account unless a particular valuation account is set up for the destination site.


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