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Apart from the project settings you can make changes to the general settings of the projects by selecting the Settings option from the Configuration tab. You can configure the task management, time management and analytics operations from here. As said earlier, you can enable the Sub Tasks option from here to enable the feature of subtasks under tasks. By doing so, you can split the workload into sub milestones and can achieve goals more easily and efficiently.

Recurring Tasks option allows you to enable the recurring option for the task. In case when the tasks must be performed at certain intervals, you can enable the recurring option. This will auto generate tasks for regular activities.

In a project, there will be an order to complete the tasks. To proceed with one task, you might need to complete another task. In such cases you need to provide an order in which the tasks should be performed. For this purpose you can enable the Task Dependencies option.

It is equally important to be alert of the stage where the project stands. This will give a proper idea of the position of the project as well as the measures that must be taken to complete the tasks on time. To track the progress of your projects, you can enable the Project Stages option. You can also configure these stages by selecting the Configure Stages option.

In Odoo you can also edit task’s descriptions collaboratively in real time. Each author’s text can be viewed in distinct colours by selecting the Collaborative Pads option. After enabling the option, enter the Pad Server and Pad API Key in the fields provided.

Odoo 15 Projects

These collaborative pads will allow you to edit the Description tab available while creating a new task. You can make your text bold, italic, underline the text and many more. You can also have real time chat with the collaborators. To view the collaborators who are working on the same project you can select the collaborative pad icon which is shown in the below screenshot.

Odoo 15 Projects

Every project and task needs proper planning. It's on the basis of these planning the project activities are carried forward. By enabling the Planning option, you can plan resource allocation across projects and tasks. You can further estimate the deadlines of the projects and tasks more accurately by enabling this option.

It is important to track the time that has been spent on each project and task. By evaluating the record of time that each employee has spent on the project and the progress of the project, you can easily identify the steps that must be further taken. To start recording the time, you can enable the Timesheet option. Through this you can track the time spent on projects and tasks.

Odoo 15 Projects

Customer ratings can be very helpful when it comes to analytics. You can have genuine reports on the work that has been done from the customer side. In order to receive customer feedback on the project, you can enable the Customer Ratings option. This will track the customer satisfaction on task. You can send emails to the customer in which they can input the rating.

Odoo 15 Projects


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