CRM - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Lead Acquirement

The Lead Acquirement functionality in the Odoo CRM is the effective support for the managers and the responsible employees of the sales team. This functionality can bring down the risk factors, unwanted burdens and worries about generating and managing leads. Moreover it will be very useful for saving a lot of time and also enhancing the company productivity and profits.

Automated Lead Assignation

The automated digital platform Odoo gives provision for automated lead assignment. Manually allocating leads to the respective employees of the sales team is a tedious task. It will take a lot of time and effort. The Odoo CRM platform can help you to make these tasks automated. The module will support you to automate the operations of the automated lead assignation among the various sales representatives of the company based on different standards such as location, languages, size of the company and many more aspects.

As we clear on the Automated Lead Assignation and now let us move on to the LEAD MINING feature available.

Lead Mining

Lead Mining is an exclusive tool available in the Odoo CRM platform which will act as a helping hand for you to mine and generate various kinds of leads evolved from different criterias such as country of operation, dimensions of the organization, technologies applied by the customers, and the products produced.

For getting the privileges of this option, you should activate the Lead Mining option from CRM settings. For that you can go to CRM -> Configuration -> Settings. In the Settings window, you can view the Lead Mining option under the Lead Generation tab as displayed in the given image. For activating this option, you can check the box near the option and don't forget to save the changes by pressing on the SAVE button available in the upper left corner.


The Lead generation operations are based upon the credits and you can buy credits by clicking on the Buy credits button available. Upon selecting this menu, you will be taken to the Odoo In-App Services page where you can view various packages for Lead generation.


Using this useful tool, you can acquire quality leads and opportunities. This will help you to convert your website visitors into leads and enrich the organization data of your opportunities. In addition, the Lead mining option will also allow you to view your services by selecting the View My Services button available.

As we understand what Lead Mining is in Odoo and now let us take a look at the Lead Enrichment option available.

Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment, a better solution for finding out the contact details about your prospective customers from a single contact address of email ID and also from the casual search on external sources such as social media, web pages. This lead enrichment operation aimed for gathering more information of both regular customers and prospective customers will be a better technique for transforming your prospective customer to the regular satisfied customers. Lead enrichment feature in Odoo CRM also requires activation from the CRM Settings.


This advanced option available in the Odoo CRM will enrich your data automatically with your organization data with the help of their email address. Here the Odoo gives you another possibility that you can either enrich all leads automatically or you can errich leads on demand only.

It is now clear what is the Lead enrichment feature in Odoo CRM and how it will be helpful for automatically enriching your leads. Now we can go to the Predictive Lead Scoring feature.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring functionality available in the Odoo CRM application is the fundamental tool for the successful lead management policy. Lead scoring feature provisioning you to compute statistical probability to close a lead. You might be able to estimate the score for each lead based upon various criterias such as stages, phone quality, email quality and many more aspects. You can also update the probabilities by pressing on the UPDATE PROBABILITIES button available. Moreover, the feature allows you to add more fields in the statistical analysis.


So far we were discussing the various features available in Odoo for successive lead acquisition. Now let us discuss various operations that Odoo brings you to perform on Leads.



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