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One of the salient features of Odoo is its ability to manage various Reporting functionalities. The platform allows you to manage various reports in various measures. You will get various analytical, graphical and descriptive reports on various operations conducted in the platform in a few clicks. Here in the Inventory module Odoo provides you the provision to generate various reports based upon various measures both in default as well as customizable aspects. Moreover, you have various sorting functionalities for easily accessing and identifying data.

Odoo manages all these options in a separate Reporting section. You can view the various Reporting menus under the Reporting tab as depicted in the below image.


Under the Reporting tab you can view the sub menus such as Warehouse Analysis, Inventory Reports, Forecasted Inventory, Inventory Valuation and Product Moves. We can discuss each of them below.

Warehouse Analysis

The Warehouse analysis reports available in Odoo Inventory module will allow you to view the warehouse analysis reports in various forms. The window will depict the reports in various chart forms and graphical representations. This window will give you a quick and deep analysis on business operations undertaken in your warehouses. If you have more than one warehouse, the analysis of the business in different warehouses can be viewed and analysed in this window. The window will depict the Deliveries Cycle Time, Receipts Cycle Time, Deliveries Delay, Receipt Delay, Inventory Turnover, Inventory Value, Outgoing Inventory Value, Incoming Inventory Value and many other aspects. Moreover you can view the graphical reports in various measures by clicking on the MEASURES button available. The warehouse performances can be viewed in Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Line Chart. Additionally, various default as well as customizable options such as Filters, Group By, Comparison, Favorite and Search options are also available for easily sorting data.

odoo-inventory odoo-inventory

Inventory Report

The Inventory Report menu available under the Reporting tab of the Odoo Inventory module will take you to the Inventory reports window which will give you details about all the inventory products which are available in your organization. This window will provide you an overview of the product stock , and also helps you to verify lot and serial number and also will perceive the on hand quantity. Moreover, the product moves and financial value of the stock and many more aspects can also be acquired. You can view the reports in List , Pivot and Graph view. The List view of the window is depicted below.


You can click on the respective product for viewing the respective stock location. You are also able to apply various default as well as sorting functionalities such as Filters, Group By, Favourite and Search options and also you can export all these data into an excel sheet by clicking on the Export All button available.

The Pivot view of the Inventory reports window will give you an analytic report on the data and that can be easily exported to other mediums using an excel file.


In the Graph view, you can view the reports in various measures such as Counted Quantity, Difference, Quantity, Reserved Quantity. The data analysis can be done in different views such as BarChart, Line Chart and Pie chart. Moreover, you can view the report in both ascending and descending orders. Here also you have the Filters, Group By, Favourite and Search options. The default Filtering options included in the window are Internal Locations, Transit Locations, Subcontracting Locations, On Hand, To Count, To Apply, Negative Stock, Reservations, Expiration Alerts, Incoming Date My Counts. In addition you can group these data based on Product, Location, Lot/Serial Number, Package and Company. You can also create custom groups by clicking on the Add Custom Group option available.


As we are clear on the Inventory report window of the Odoo Inventory module and now let us have a look into the next menu available under the Reporting tab of the Odoo Inventory module, that is Forecasted Inventory.

Forecasted Inventory

The forecasting abilities of Odoo is the most exciting feature and it will be very proficient for forecasting your business related operations. The Forecasted Inventory window will be very useful for predicting and forecast the product and inventory operations. The forecasted reports are a very important aspect in Odoo and the Odoo ERP allows you to generate forecasted reports in its various modules such as Inventory, Sales, Purchase, and Manufacturing for forecasting various operations of the company. The screenshot of the Forecasted Inventory window is depicted below.


As we see in other windows in Odoo, here also you can view and access various sorting functionalities such as Filter, Group By, Favourite and Search options. Forecasted Stock, Forecasted Receipts, Forecasted Deliveries and Date are the default filters available. Moreover, the window can also be viewed in Graph view


As we discussed the Forecasted Inventory window available in the module and now let us have a look into the Inventory Valuation window.

Inventory Valuation

The Odoo Inventory module also includes the Inventory Valuation window under its reporting section. This window will help you to create valuation reports for further references. We can generate valuation reports effortlessly by applying various measures and using different filtering and grouping options. The window can also be viewed in both List and Kanban view.


Now let us have a look at the Product Moves window available under the Reporting tab of the Odoo Inventory module.

Product Moves

The Odoo system examines and track record of each product moves and product movement operations of both in the final stage and initial stage. The report generation abilities of Odoo ensures you great chances for generating reports based on these product movement operations. Every advanced functionalities for the report generation in Odoo are also available with this window. The Product Moves window can be viewed in three views such as List, Kanban and Pivot view. The screenshot of the List view of Product Moves window is given below.


The window provides you the provision to look over the location changes or product moves. We can easily track the product movement of each product within the inventory. Moreover, it is possible to check different moves along with the number of quantities moved each time. This can be done by selecting the respective record. The status of the product movement also displayed.


The Reporting aspect of the Inventory module is a great advantage for track, trace and review inventory operations recurrently to ensure maximum efficiency of your business. The performance of your inventory and the stock movement can be easily analysed by Odoo Inventory report management system.

As the Inventory is the central point of any business, an effective inventory management system like Odoo Inventory can track your products and supplies and also helps you to balance the customer demands with respect to the storage space and your profits. Odoo Inventory management system will provide you an insight into the supply chain. So that the procurement, production, fulfillment, and many more aspects of the supply chain will be tracked and managed. It will be very helpful for managers or the concerned authorities to coordinate their work.



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