Inventory- Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Features of Odoo Inventory module

Now let us have a look into some important features of Odoo Inventory module.

Minimum processing time

The Inventory module available in the Odoo system has the minimum processing time for conducting the complex operations of your company Inventory. The most advanced double entry inventory management system ensures complete traceability from the distributor to the customer.


Odoo Inventory system is designed in a way to easily manage different types of inventory. You can simply handle both single inventory operation and complex multi warehouse operations with the exclusive Odoo system.

Manage Inventory operations efficiently

The Odoo system helps you to simplify complex inventory operations such as shipping, delivery, product movement (incoming, outgoing, in house), product tracking, product management and many more aspects.

Advanced user interface

A fast and advanced modern user interface has been designed to manage modern inventory. Odoo ensures more efficiency with or without a barcode scanner.

Inventory Adjustment

In the Odoo 5 Inventory module Odoo totally modified the inventory adjustments feature. Odoo introduced new cyclic inventory adjustments by location. Now Odoo can easily point out negative stocks and easily identify double serial numbers. View History on each particular quantity.


Delivery slips and picking operations in the Odoo Inventory module are updated. In the case of delivery slips, ordered quantities and backorder lines are displayed in the right order. You can easily edit done quantities in are also able to select ‘Closest Location as the removal strategy to pick a given product category.

Removal Strategies

Odoo Inventory provides you the provision to choose various removal strategies such as FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and Closest Location.


Traceability is one of the prominent features available in the Odoo Inventory module. The platform provides you with a history of every operation associated with every document such as picking, delivery order, quality control, for getting full traceability. Also the module helps you to track manufacturer lots with barcode or serial number.

Inventory Valuation

Ensure your inventory valuation posted in your accounting software in realtime to get an accurate balance sheet.

Landed cost

Reintegration of Landed cost into your product cost helps you to have an accurate valuation of your inventory.

Advanced Routings

Odoo 15 Inventory management system capable for advanced routings and in multistep routes, initiate carrier and country of destination and also permits you for printing a label at the chosen steps.


Odoo Inventory module supports Dropshipping and it will allow you to deliver products directly to your customers from your supplier effectively.

Push and Pull routes

Odoo Inventory module supports push and pull routes which will be very helpful for defining your own product routes to automate transfer orders between warehouses or locations. Pull rules will be generated as per the procurements and based on the requirements. The push rules are derived based on the arrival of products and sub products.

Cross - Docking

The advanced functionality Cross - Docking is a key feature for the inventory operations and product movement management. The main function of this tool is to transfer the product directly from the shipment to the delivery.

Efficiently manage multi warehouses

Odoo Inventory module efficiently manages multi warehouses with the same system and also allows you to define replenishment rules between warehouses.

Packagings option

Odoo Inventory management system helps you to order and sell products based on packaging. Display packaging in warehouse moves and also the platform allows you to Link packages to package types for advanced putaway rules.

Reordering rules

Odoo Inventory helps you to set reordering rules that will be very helpful for setting up some rules to make sure that there is sufficient stock in your inventory.


Odoo introduced a new favourite option in the product management. That is you have the provision to favourite the most used or significant products. You can easily filter these products and get access immediately. Moreover the platform allows you to select the format of product labels and permit you to print extra text on labels.

Product Type

Odoo inventory module allows you to define your products in various product types such as storable products, consumable product, service products, event booth, event ticket and Gift card.

Product Variants

The platform also allows you to easily define product variants. With this unique feature Odoo helps you to offer different variations of the same product to your customers.

Forecast Reports

The platform allows you to generate various reports on inventory operations both in quantitative and analytical formats. The module also allows you to generate forecast reports which will be very helpful to get an overall idea about your business. The forecast report menu allows you to reserve, unreserve, and change priorities directly in the report. And also this will display customers and total amount of sale orders.

Lead time based operations

Odoo Inventory module helps you to define the lead times at various instances of the company inventory operations. That is Odoo helps you to manage Delivery lead times, Purchase lead times, Manufacturing lead time and Vendor lead times.

Barcode Integration

The external device integration ability of the Odoo Inventory module assists you to encode barcodes in the inventory operations.

Highly integrative

The highly integrated nature of Odoo will help you to easily integrate other modules like Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing Purchase and many other modules. So that you can easily coordinate all the inventory associated operations such as delivery operation management, batch transfer, replenishment, landed cost management, scrap management, lot and serial number, barcode, product and product variants management, warehouse analysis, and many more aspects.

We discussed some of the important features of Odoo Inventory module and now let us have a look into product management aspects of Odoo Inventory module.



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