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From the settings menu of the Forum, the option can be enabled, which will provide you access to the Forum configuration window. From the Forums tab, select the Forum tab, and you will be depicted with all the Forums which have been defined. Here you will have the Creation option, which will provide you with the Forum creation form.

Odoo 15 eLearning

In the Forum Creation Window, the Forum Name, Mode, and the Website of its operations should be defined. Further, the Order and Visibility options should be configured under the Orders menu. Here the Default Sort option and the Privacy Settings should be defined as Public, Signed In, or some Users. If the Forum is associated with any Course defined in eLearning, it should also be limited.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Under the Krama Rights tab, the Karma Score for the various actions conducted in the Forum can be defined. Here the Asking a question, Question upvoted, Question downvoted, Answer upvoted, Answer downvoted, Accepting an answer, Answer accepted, and the Answer flagged Karma points can be defined.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Further, under the Karma Related Rights menu, the points gained for the different actions conducted by the participants or the Course candidate can be defined. Moreover, all the Rights values can be modified and removed whenever wanted.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Once the Forum has been described, it can be saved for operations on the company website. Forum Postings can now be defined for each of the Forums defined from the Forum Posting menu, which can be viewed in the Forum tab of the eLearning module. Moreover, multiple Forum postings can be conjured and defined, allowing the forum and the eLearning operations to be engaging and active as we have an undertaking on the Forums lest we now move on to the additional aspects of the eLearning module, which will help you to define the online operations.



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