POS - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Coupons and Promotions

Offering customers discounts and digital coupons helps in gaining customers as well as retaining the existing ones. Adding coupons to the marketing strategy increases the sales as well as serves as the best promotion activity.

You can activate the promotion and coupons programs in Odoo from the PoS Settings. Select the Settings option from the Configuration tab. Enable the Coupons & Promotions option as shown in the screenshot below form managing the promotions and coupons.


You can select the Promotion Programs either from the settings or select it from the Products tab. After selecting it you can configure as well as add new promotion programs. At the displayed Promotion Program page you can view the list of existing programs along with their Website, whether the program is active or not and name of the Company.

Creating New Promotion Program

To add a new promotion program to the system, select the CREATE button. At the displayed page enter the details such as the:

Program Name: Enter the name of the promotion program in the given field.

Based on Customers: You can edit the rules on which the customer eligibility for receiving the promotion is checked. To edit the rules select the EDIT DOMAIN button.

Based on Products: You can set the products on whose purchase, the reward will be awarded.

Quantity: Set the minimum required product quantity to be purchased in order to receive the reward.

Minimum Purchase of: Enter the minimum purchase to be made by the customer in terms of the price and also mention if the price set is tax included or not.

Promo Code Usage: Select the method of using the promotion code. It can either be Automatically Applied or Use a Code. If Automatically Applied is chosen then there is no need for a code. The reward will be automatically applied if the rules are met. With the Use a Code option, even if the rules are met you need to have a code to receive the reward.

Company: Enter the name of the company from the drop down menu.


Applicability: Choose the applicability if the reward as either Apply on Current Order or Send a Coupon.

Reward: You can either select the reward that will be awarded as Discount, Free Product or Free Shipping. By choosing Discount mention the Discount percentage, where to apply the discount and maximum discount amount. If a Free Product is selected then mention the name of the product that will be given as reward.


After entering the necessary details of applicability and conditions of the rewards, select the SAVE button. You can view the created loyalty program listed with other existing programs.

The same way you can configure and set up the coupon programs in Odoo 15 PoS module. Coupon programs can be very beneficial in business as it helps in keeping the customers interested in your products and services. A close relationship can be maintained with the customers through such programs. Coupon Programs can be configured and created by selecting the Coupon Programs option from the Products Tab.


By selecting the desired coupon program from the displayed list, you can generate the coupon. Select the GENERATE COUPON option and Number of Coupons to Generate window will appear. At the displayed window enter the Generation Type that will be used. It can be either Number of Coupons or Number of Selected Customers. When the Number of Selected Customers is chosen, you can add filters to select the customers and specify a mail template to send the generated coupon to the selected customers.


Select the GENERATE button to generate and send the coupon. The number of coupons generated can be viewed from the Coupon program page.



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