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One of the best features of the Odoo platform is that it supports the aspects of reporting to all extents of the business management. The eLearning module of the Odoo platform has a dedicated Report Generation menu where multiple Reports on the eLearning operations can be created. Let's have a look at them one by one.

Courses Report

The report on the Courses provides you with insight into the statistical analysis of the courses defined in operation. Here the No of Visits, Duration, Attendees Count, Votes, and the Rating Average on each of the Courses described will be depicted.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Content Report

The Content report menu will provide you with a celery insight into the Course content described to the candidates and the participants. The Course Content of each of the Courses will be defined to be depicted statistically to bring a clearer picture of the operations.

Odoo 15 eLearning

eLearning Revenues Report

The Courses defined in the eLearning module of the Odoo platform can be set for sale through the eCommerce platform, which will bring in revenues to the company and certificate of achievement to the candidates. The eLearning Revenue Reports will provide statistical insight into the revenue obtained by the sales of the Courses that have been defined.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Attendees Report

The Attendees Reports will provide a clear insight into the Course Attendees of the different Courses defined in the eLearning module of the Odoo platform.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Quizzes Report

The Quizzes report defined the statistical insight on the Quiz operations, which have been defined under each of the courses which are being defined. The Question Name, Content, Attempts Count, Attempts Average, and the Done Count will be defined here.

Odoo 15 eLearning

Certification Report

The Certification programs conducted and their analysis will be defined in the Certifications Report of the eLearning module. Here the proper insight on the number regarding the different certifications described on various aspects will be defined.

Odoo 15 eLearning

The eLearning module of the Odoo platform provides the complete operations capability to run online courses for the candidates.



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