CRM - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Features of Odoo 15 CRM

Advanced user interface

A well developed advanced user interface is built up for perfectly handling each operation in the CRM platform. The advanced home screen dashboard clearly exhibits the sales pipeline activities. The dashboard window provides provision for connecting each operation together.

Advanced Filtering option

Almost all the windows in the Odoo CRM module include the advanced filtering option. The advanced filtering option is the best feature for discovering specific data that you require. Also the platform provisioning for effortlessly sorting them out by applying default and customizable searching,filtering and grouping options.

Profused viewing parameters

The CRM module gives prominence for giving visual effects for its users. So the module displays the documents in various viewing formats. So you can view data in various formats such as Kanban view, List view, Calendar view, Pivot view, Graph view, Cohort view, Dashboard view, Map view, and Activity view.

Activity Scheduling

You have the possibility to easily schedule and configure various activities for the generated leads. So that you can effectively convert them into potential customers. The platform allows you to schedule various activities such as meetings, calls, emails, To Do, Reminder, Follow-up Quote, and others. The dynamic Odoo platform enables you to customize activities based on your business requirements. The platform also gives you an advanced calendar for quickly planning and scheduling your activities.

Set activities based on their Priorities

In the Odoo platform, you can set priorities for your various activities. This feature is very useful for giving prominence to important contacts and leads. Odoo used a starring system for this purpose. Each of these stars represents Medium, High, and Very High respectively. So that the responsible persons can easily identify the importance and they can take more considerations on the respective lead or contact for further processing. It will help you to reach your targets easily and successfully without delaying or missing a single one.

Customize alerts

Odoo platform enables you to set custom alerts for its various operations. This option will help your organization perform in an efficient and effective manner.

Always connect with customers

Odoo platform provides a chance for always keeping connections with your customers. So that the customers can have a good impression and interest in you and your organization. To keep close with them, the platform allows you to use email, phone, chat, and social media.

Stages can be customized

The various stages in the Odoo CRM Pipeline can be modified by adding, removing or editing various features or stages based upon your business needs.

Well managed pipeline

The Odoo CRM module comprises a well organized opportunity pipeline that will manage all the information on the contact or lead in an exclusive manner. The new leads, qualified ones, opportunities, and everything is arranged in different stages based on their progress. The Overview of the opportunity pipeline in the doo 15 CRM is very clear and the drag and drop feature helps you to quickly manage your tasks. You are also able to create sub stages based upon your business demands. If an opportunity wins from one stage to another, you can easily drag and drop the record from one stage to another.

Email Templates

The Odoo CRM module lets you configure various email templates for the purpose of communicating with customers or opportunities. This will be very helpful for you to save your precious time. Using these email templates you can easily manage email campaigns without having pain. Using the Odoo email templates you can create, save and send fully featured emails within seconds.

Inspect the lost reasons

The Odoo platform not only gives importance to winning the opportunity but also the platform keeps an eye on analyzing the lost reasons. So that you will get a clear view about your organization limitations and you can find suitable solutions.

Mobile user interface

The Odoo mobile interface allows you to sell or perform the operations even on roads.

Automated lead generation

Odoo Customer Relationship Management module permits you to generate leads automatically from emails, calls, social media, websites, and many other aspects.

Send quotations quickly

Odoo CRM module provides you the provision to create well defined professional quotations easily and also allows you to send the quotations quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Efficiently manage leads

The Odoo CRM module efficiently manages leads and can help you to generate more probable leads.

Lead enrichment

The Odoo CRM module also introduces an extra privilege for you with its lead enrichment feature. This feature allows you to collect and arrange additional supportive data around the lead you acquired. The contact information on the lead will be collected using the email ID available. So the lead enrichment feature is very useful for ensuring the leads in your system are as updated and reliable as possible with the more information which is available.

Option for lead import

The Odoo CRM module allows you to easily import leads to an XLSX file.

Lead Scoring

The lead scoring option gives complete insight for giving scores to your leads on the basis of specific criterias such as localisation, pages viewed, time spent. So that it will be easy for identifying the most relevant leads and you can give more importance to them. The relevant leads are automatically allocated to your salesperson so the pipeline is always filled with high-quality leads. You have the provision to decide the total score needed for converting leads to opportunities.


Automatically identifies the details such as countries, state, city of leads using your visitor IP address.

Odoo Live Chat

Odoo included a dynamic Live Chat tool which will help you to convert genuine inquiries into leads effortlessly. So you can activate Odoo Live Chat to your website to interact with your customers or visitors and you can easily convert them into leads.

Analyse lost reasons

The Odoo CRM, a powerful tool available in the Odoo ERP assists you to analyse the reason for losing opportunities so that you can improve your sales efficiency and minimize the opportunity loss.

Create and manage customers

Odoo CRM module allows you to create and manage customers in a better way. All the details on the customers are well managed. It will be very helpful for your sales team. You can also manage multiple address contacts for one single company. Moreover, the customer preferences such as languages, delivery methods, financial information and many more aspects can be easily defined. In addition, the complete history of activities connected with the customer (opportunities, sale orders, invoices, accounts payable and many more).

Report Management

The advanced reporting feature available in the Odoo CRM module will display all the reports on various operations conducted in the platform. The platform allows you to generate reports in various measures. The variety of viewing parameters available in the module also help you to grasp the overall reports at a glance. The opportunities leads and other activities can be analyzed easily with the help of advanced Filters, Grouping and Searching and many more functionalities.


The Odoo CRM module can be easily integrated with all other modules on the Odoo ERP such as Sales, Inventory, Email marketing, Events, eCommerce, Point of Sale and many more. So that each operation of the platform can be easily connected with others. So far we were talking about some of the benefits of the Odoo CRM module and now we can have a look into the Settings window of the module for viewing the new features included in the Odoo 15 CRM module.



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