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Snippet Tools

As we said, the website builder's operation is defined based on the block operational principles. These building blocks will allow you to design and develop your websites ideally. You can effortlessly drag and drop the blocks from the list that Odoo offers you. Let us discuss some of them below.

  • Chart Snippet:The Chart snippet allows you to organize a set of numerical or qualitative data in a chart form on your company website. Using this block, you can represent bar, line, donut, pie, and radar charts.
  • Countdown Snippet: One of the crucial strategies for creating instant traffic on your website is the countdown method. Odoo website module brings you a default countdown widget in this platform, and you can use it to enhance your product sale in your eCommerce store. Odoo allows you to customize a countdown widget in circled boxes, clean, and text inline.
  • Step Snippet: The Step Snippet is also available in the Odoo website module that will help you to define the steps or stages of an operation. This will be very helpful for describing the order delivery steps and many more aspects.
  • Product Catalog Snippet: The Product Catalog Snippet can be used to bring changes in the product description as per the requirements in a predefined template.
  • Auto Pop Snippet: Auto Pop snippet will offer your customers quick assistance with offers and promotions. Using this widget, you can easily define the details of offers and promotions.
  • Progressbar snippet: One of the reliable tools available under the website module, the progress bar allows you to mark the progress of a company product or the percentage details. This tool will be beneficial for the marketing aspect of your company.
  • Timeline Snippet: The Timeline snippet of the Odoo website module can be used for defining the company’s timeline operations. It will be very effective for product and service development. It will also act as an efficient tool to describe the time needed for completing a project or any other operations.
  • Number Snippet: A number snippet is an essential tool for describing the company-specific numbers or other quantitative data on your website. It can also be suitable for defining the success, the number of awards bagged, or the number of products and services presented.
  • Masonry Snippet: the Masonry snippet tool allows you to view the details in a masonry snippet.
  • Big box snippet: Big box snippet helps you fix your website operation.
  • Product List Snippet:You can easily list your products using the Product List Snippet.

Moreover, Odoo categorized all these snippet tools based on their uses and functions. For defining the structure of your website, Odoo provides the snippets such as:

  • Banner Snippet
  • Cover Snippet
  • Text-Image Snippet
  • Image-Text Snippet
  • Title Snippet
  • Text Snippet
  • Number Snippet
  • Picture Snippet
  • Column Snippet
  • Big boxes Snippet
  • Features Snippet
  • Image Gallery Snippet
  • Images Wall Snippet
  • Carousel Snippet
  • Media List Snippet.
  • Showcase Snippet
  • Parallax Snippet

For describing features, you can make use of the following snippets.

  • Comparisons Snippet
  • Team Snippet
  • Call to Action Snippet
  • References Snippet
  • Accordion Snippet
  • Features Grid Snippet
  • Table of Content Snippet
  • Pricelist Snippet
  • Items Snippet
  • Tabs Snippet
  • Quotes Snippet
  • Timeline Snippet
  • Steps Snippet

If you want to include dynamic content in your website, you can apply the following snippets based on your requirements.

  • Form Snippet
  • Map Snippet
  • Products Snippet
  • Search Snippet
  • Blog Posts Snippet
  • Events Snippet
  • Newsletter block Snippet
  • Newsletter Pop up Snippet
  • Pop up Snippet.
  • Facebook Snippet
  • Countdown Snippet
  • Discussion Group Snippet
  • Twitter Scroller Snippet
  • Embed Code Snippet
  • Donation Snippet

If you are needed to include inner content, you can use the following ones

  • Separator Snippet
  • Alert Snippet
  • Rating Snippet
  • Card Snippet
  • Share Snippet
  • Search Snippet
  • Newsletter Snippet
  • Text Highlight Snippet
  • Chart Snippet,
  • Progress Bar Snippet
  • Badge Snippet
  • Blockquote Snippet
  • Speaker Bio Snippet
  • Donation Button Snippet.

Let us have a look at how the Countdown snippet will look like when we drag and drop it to the website.

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