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Filter Rules

The Filter Rules menu available in the Odoo Studio module is a distinctive applications configuration tool available in the platform. Moreover, this menu will help bring advanced operations aspects in regards to the Filtering elements of the different menus of the applications that are being crafted with the Odoo Studio module. In the Filter Rules menu, all the Filter Rules which are being defined will be depicted along with the Filter Name, Model, User, Default Filter, and the Action that have been defined. Moreover, the Default Filter operation for the respective Filter Rules defined can be enabled or disabled.

Odoo 15 Studio

To create a new Filter Rule, you can select the make and definition depicted with a form as shown in the following screenshot. Here, you need to initially define the Filter Name and assign the Available for User, Model, and Action that the Filter Rule should trigger. Moreover, you can enable the Default Filter option, which will make the respective Filter Rule default one in the operations of the application that has been crafted. The Active option will enable the that is being defined. Based on the functional aspects of the websites described, webpages will help determine your respective Filter Rule, which can be modified using the Add Filter option. Moreover, based on the Filter Rule defined in the respective Domain, the Context will also be assigned. There is also a space to describe the descriptive aspect of the Context. In addition, the Sort details of the respective Filter Rule will also be defined along with the description.

All the Filter Rules created in the Odoo platform for the new applications being developed can be modified and removed based on the needs by; visiting the same menu this will be beneficial for the running of the application and defining the Filter.

Odoo 15 Studio

As of now, we will have an understanding of the Filter Rule menu that is available in the Odoo Studio module webpage, an exceptional tool in regards to the aspects of the new applicant regarding the specific tools to the next section where the Website, the menu of the Odoo Studio module is being described.


Integrating the applications in operations regarding the business management operations with the company websites is necessary. The Odoo studio module deals with the application creation aspects. The website integration is auto made and the dedicated Forms of operations for the Application can be defined. Which are inevitable for any business operations forms of operations can be defined. Here all the Forms in process with the respective model of the application will be defined. Moreover, the new Forms can be created from here.

Odoo 15 Studio

To create a new Form, you can select the New Form option, which will direct you to the company website, and a default form will be defined to it as shown in the following image, and you will also have the webpage editing menu. All can make use of tools that are available in the Website Builder tool.

Let us understand what the Odoo Website builder tool is in brief, which will help to define the Form on the website application.

The Odoo Website Builder is an imminent tool that will cater to the website building aspects of the business with a no-code approach. The distinctive modules of operation that are being defined that can be dragged and dropped into the website’s described web pages will help you craft exceptional web pages that are both informative and easy to use. Moreover, there is a distinctive editor tool where the developers can add additional features to the website. The eCommerce website can also be crafted to be operational from the same webpage, which will be helpful for the operation of the business and its online sales operations.

The Form block, which is available in the Odoo website builder, will cater to the creation of distinctive forms in the website, which will be helpful in the operations of the application. Moreover, these forms can be used to define customer queries, which will be beneficial in lead creation for new business opportunities.

Odoo 15 Studio

The Forms menu is a valuable tool for describing a distinctive menu where all the Forms of the web page of an application can be defined. Moreover, it's the final menu regarding the distinctive tools available in the Odoo Studio module, which will cater to applications building quickly. Let's now understand the Approvals module of the Odoo platform, where the Studio module has defined regarding available Translate View menus functioning in a company.



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